Mehwish Hayat Just Called Herself A “Bad Feminist” After Being Inspired By Madonna

By Iman Zia | 24 Jun, 2019

Mehwish Hayat has been the kernel of controversy after her item song for upcoming film ‘Baaji’ dropped and has been voicing her unwavering stance throughout it all.

Amidst the debacle that ‘Gangster Guriya’ was, it hasn’t swayed Mehwish Hayat from speaking up for the item number and defending the lyrics, claiming them to be “empowering.” Her statement received a mixed reaction, dividing online users and starting a debate about what the definition of empowerment really means.


After her tweet about feeling empowered, Mehwish referenced Madonna’s ‘Billboard’ speech in 2016 and attributed her as a direct influence to be a “bad feminist.”

Madonna was accused of setting women back for objectifying herself sexually, insinuating that women do not have any sexuality to embrace or project. Mehwish’s thoughts are clearly reflected in this clip, with national backlash and demeaning criticism on the rise.


While Mehwish was accused of romanticizing a song that objectified women, could this be an essential new wave of feminism, where the celebration of one’s body through lyrics like “don’t touch me boy, mein nahi toy,” for example set a new trend and tip the gender power struggle?


Have a rewatch of the music video:



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