Mehwish Hayat Called Her Item Song “Empowering” But People Don't Agree With Her

By Arslan Athar | 24 Jun, 2019

Last week, a new song from the film, ‘Baaji’, was released and it turned out to be an item song with Mehwish Hayat leading the show. Since the song was released, Mehwish Hayat has had to face a lot of backlash and hate online, with some people even calling on the government of Pakistan to revoke her ‘Tamgha E Imtiaz’. 

Once the trolling had begun, Mehwish sent out a tweet flaunting her new song and using the song’s lyrics as a reply to the hate.

In this tweet, she hints to the actual message of the song, about how a woman can be in charge of her life and her body. The whole ‘Nahin Hoon Mein Khilona’ is an indication to a possible empowerment angle the song could take.


That, of course, did not work for her. Mehwish made another tweet making it clear that the song is, for her, a song about empowerment. 


Some people came out in her support. 



Journalist, Wajahat Khan, came out in support of Mehwish Hayat. 


Hamza Ali Abbasi was dragged into this, following his comments on item songs last week. 


Other people were not as forgiving. 


People brought up valid arguments to argue her description of dance being the purest form of art. 



Mehwish Hayat has always made it clear that her decision to do item songs is only her’s and that people must learn to accept that. These songs are Mehwish exercising her autonomy and her free will. But instead of calling out Mehwish for these songs, people who are anti-item numbers must look inwards first. Mehwish is an actress and is responding to a demand, as are the directors and producers.

People in Pakistan and the subcontinent, in general, enjoy seeing dance numbers and songs, and item songs is a part of that. People portray that they’re against these songs being made, however movies with item numbers have historically done well- so there is a level of hypocrisy present that we need to address if we truly want to move away from the objectification of women and the culture of ‘item songs’.


Mehwish Hayat was, as usual, unfazed by all the hate and posted a short snippet of rehearsals for the song. 

Aside from all the hate, the song is getting, and the discourse on item songs, you must admit that it does seem like she put her heart and soul into this and that the steps themselves weren’t the easiest.


Have you seen Mehwish’s song? If so, what were your thoughts? Let us know in the comments 🙂

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 Cover Photo Courtesy: ARY Films / Youtube

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