Media Coordinator Fakhar Ur Rehman Efforts To Unveil The True Appearance Of Punjab Prisons

By MangoBaaz Studio | 12 Jan, 2022

Malik Fakhar Ur Rehman, who is an undergraduate student from Bahria University chose the department of media as his course. Fakhar Ur Rehman is currently working as the media coordinator for the Ministry of Prisons Punjab in Pakistan. On 24th May 2021, he was notified and apprised to help the media department as well as additionally assist the Punjab Government. Mr. Fakhar is superintended to provide accurate and in-time informational updates via the official social media accounts he is in charge of. He thoroughly and adequately manages all relevant social channels and forthwith provides dedicated along with streamlined support to figures in the Punjab Government. Fakhar ur Rehman additionally provides various in-time updates through his Twitter account.

Officially entitled as an important person, Mr. Fakhar has several commitments that are to be fulfilled by him, which involves his duty to suitably inform the public accurately about anything which may become news or a press release.

Mr. Fakhar has his boundaries limited to Punjab’s jurisdiction of 44 jails which are clearly and understandably portrayed by Me Fakhar in various ways on the social media outlets he is now the head of. It was in 2020 when Fakhar Ur Rahman was determined to provide a good and worthy infrastructure with adequate support simultaneously available to the public figures of Punjab. He has created a number of social media channels to connect the public figures with their base thus they could assist the public easily. Mr. Fakhar is presently managing this department and fulfilling his responsibility very well by giving ongoing advice, growth, and support to the relevant sector.

His hard work and promise fulfillment is evident and shown by the appreciation he received from Mr. Fayaz Ul Hassan Chohan, the minister for prisons who has also taken notable action against the false information being spread on the internet regarding Punjab Prisons. Following the false information been provided, Mr. Fakhar, an honest and hardworking man has assured his fellow locals that it is his priority to convey authentic information and provide them with quick as well as useful information. He has further emphasized his research and has explained to the public the truth and the positive side of the Punjab prisons. He has talked about how the truth of Punjab prisons has been hidden from the public. Mr. Fakhar has also eagerly aimed to bring forward the true and the positive face of Punjab prisons.

Source: Malik Fakhar Ur Rehman


Cover image via Malik Fakhar Ur Rehman

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