Newspapers Keep Mistaking Wasim Akram For Karachi's Mayor And Now He And Shaniera Are Trolling Them Back

By Rameeza Ahmad | 14 Nov, 2018

Mayor Wasim Akram does have a nice ring to it. 

You probably know Wasim Akram, the legendary Pakistani cricket player.


And his wife, Australian, Shaniera Akram, who is now a bhabi to every single Pakistani on the planet.


But somehow, a lot of people do not know about Wasim Akhtar, who has been the Mayor of Karachi since 2016.


Apparently, no one including newspapers really knows the guy since, well…

Wasim Akram woke up to some life-changing news, according to a newspaper, he was the Mayor of Karachi.

Yeaaah…the importance of fact-checking is important, friends.

A newspaper reporter used the image of Wasim Akram the cricketer, instead of the accurate image of Wasim Akram, the Mayor of Karachi. The REAL Mayor of Karachi.

It’s this guy,


Just to make sure we all know.

And the funny thing is? This is not the first time this has happened.

Nonetheless, Shaniera bhabi was surprised too.

Ayyeeee, Bhabi got some jokes.

And everyone, in general, found her reaction as well as the entire situation pretty hilarious.

This one seems a little… shady.

But overall, it was all in good fun.

Some international fans were confused.

Some people were actually encouraging Wasim Akram to possibly pursue a political career.

And honestly, it isn’t the worst idea considering our current Prime Minister Imran Khan also has a resume quite similar to Wasim Akram’s.

I mean Wasim Akram as our next Prime Minister and Shaniera Akram as the first lady would be goals. Who thinks that’s a good idea, raise your hands! I would totally vote for him.

The entire situation was downright hilarious and provided some laughs. What do you think about this mix-up by an Urdu newspaper? Let us know in the comments below!

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