Maria Memon Tested Positive For Coronavirus And People Are Sending Her Well Wishes

By UA | 31 May, 2020

Maria Memon, Pakistani newscaster, anchor, and journalist, recently tested positive for coronavirus and took to social media to be vocal about it. In a short tweet, she shared her results and what she’s planning to do in terms of precautionary steps.

Maria is currently working as an anchor for ARY Digital. Journalists have been advised to take extra precautions during the pandemic, due to the requirements their jobs entail.

Nearly a week ago, Maria shared a picture of herself and her husband wearing masks on Instagram, expressing her contempt towards the lifting of the lockdown and stating that she could not understand the ‘recklessness’ of the way people are dealing with the situation at hand.

Maria urged people to stay at home and only leave if it was absolutely necessary, shedding light on the fact that there are thousands of people who have been struck by the disease and continue to suffer. She warned her followers about the risks of taking the pandemic so lightly.


Well-wishers, including Ali Sethi, and her colleague Irza Khan, responded to Maria’s announcement, wishing her health. Her colleagues Mansoor Ali Khan, Waqar Zaka, Gharida Farooqi, and Amir Mateen also tweeted in support of her health.

Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram

In her tweet, Maria stuck to her previous advice and told her followers that she will be isolating herself, before reiterating the importance of social responsibility with regard to the virus once again.

People responded in a nice manner to her tweet, asking her informed questions about her symptoms and the required precautionary measures.

We have not seen a response to these questions yet, but it was a nice gesture on Maria’s part to be upfront about her condition and raise her voice about the stigma surrounding the virus. We wish her a speedy recovery and good health.


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