Civil Hospital Karachi Was Attacked By A Mob Claiming Coronavirus Is A “Drama” And People Are Furious

By Sana Yasmeen | 30 May, 2020

Civil Hospital Karachi was attacked last night by a mob after a coronavirus patient died during treatment and people are absolutely furious.

With the world coming to an absolute halt because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the impatience and ignorance of the general population are causing further instability within the society. With a huge number of people claiming that the coronavirus is a hoax, one realizes that there is truly no limit to one’s extent of denial.

Just last night, a mob attacked Civil Hospital Karachi for not being able to save a coronavirus patient

A massive crowd rushed to the hospital with knives and iron rods and attacked the hospital after a patient died whilst being treated for coronavirus.

The mob ruthlessly attacked whatever came in the way while exclaiming that the coronavirus is nothing but ‘doctors ke dramay’

The mob took the body of the deceased coronavirus patient with them while also causing significant distress and damage to the doctors and the hospital.

The viral video of the mob attack at Civil Hospital Karachi has appalled many and people are in disbelief

This news has prompted people to express how extremely unbelievable it is that after thousands of death, people still believe it to be a hoax.

However, it is to be noted that this is not the first time a reaction like this has sprung from the general public. Multiple instances of the police being thrashed for trying to impose the SOP protocol have also occurred.

Yesterday, 70 people attacked the Emergency Room at Civil Hospital Karachi with Iron Rods shouting, "Yeh Corona nahee…

Gepostet von Shehzad Ghias Shaikh am Freitag, 29. Mai 2020

The medical staff is under great stress after the occurrence of multiple attacks at different hospitals

Deeply troubled at the ignorance of such mobs, this doctor has suggested to stream the condition of COVID-19 wards, and accounts of those who have lost loved ones 

This doctor has suggested that media streaming of coronavirus wards and narrating the accounts of those who have lost their loved ones to coronavirus might open the eyes of people blinded by their delusions and ignorance.

I strongly believe that the government or some NGO, hospital or other body needs to run some kind of videos or messages…

Gepostet von Samar Mahmood am Samstag, 30. Mai 2020

Some people believe there’s no coming back to senses for this society


It is extremely troubling to see how the sacrifices and efforts of our medical staff are being thrashed just because the people of this society choose blind denial. However, no matter how unsettling and disturbing such news might be, each of us has a part to play against this battle. Stay home everybody and stay safe!


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