Ehd-e-Wafa Star Alizeh Shah Has Allegedly Tested Positive For Coronavirus

By Maryam Khalid | 23 May, 2020

Ehd-e-Wafa star Alizeh Shah may have tested positive for coronavirus and it’s extremely upsetting.

Coronavirus has literally made the entire world miserable. We have tried social distancing, quarantines, and lockdowns; still the pandemic doesn’t seem to go away. Previously, we heard about  Senator Saeed Ghani and Faisal Edhi having tested positive for coronavirus.

Now, reports have surfaced that Alizeh Shah of Ehd-e-Wafa fame might have tested positive for coronavirus as well.

Alizeh Shah and her co-star Noaman Sami have both allegedly been tested positive.

This news came as a shock to Pakistanis

Alizeh Shah and Naoman Sami have been shooting the serial, ‘Mera Dil, Mera Dushman.’

Apparently, their co-star Yasir Nawaz, and his wife Nida Yasir have also allegedly been tested positive for the virus.

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#MeraDilMeraDushman leading cast including #AlizehShah, #NomanSami, #NaveedRaza, and #YasirNawaz tested positive for #Covid-19, sources confirmed. According to the details, the cast appeared as a guest on Nida Yasir’s #morningshow ‘#GoodMorningPakistan’ on #ARYDigital during the prevailing #virus. Now, sources confirmed that #Nida has also been tested positive for #coronavirus. Sources further told that #Yasir’s whole #family had suffered symptoms of COVID-19 and later their Tests turned out positive. However, the couple is yet to make any statement regarding this. It must be noted here that Nida kept on hosting the morning show. She has also recorded #EidShows, #promos have been released already. Now, the whole team of Nida’s morning show will be tested for COVID-19 along with recently appeared guests in the show. Remember, coronavirus has brought the world at a standstill. All public gatherings, #sports events, and celebrating #festivals have been postponed until the deadly virus dies down. #herandhem #covid_19 #ehtiyatcorona #gharparrahona

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While this show is pretty old, the ongoing shooting of the drama might have caused this.

The coronavirus crisis is pretty much grim right now as numbers are increasing every day.

The official website of the World Health Organization (WHO) has a comprehensive guide on how to tackle the coronavirus, ranging from personal hygiene to workplace instructions.

But are they being followed? The answer to this is the root cause of our problem. Sources suggest that the number of coronavirus cases in Pakistan has spiked drastically in the past month.

Source: Deccan Herald

We really hope that that the news of these actors contracting the virus is not true. And even if it is, we wish them a speedy recovery. Till then, stay home. Stay safe!


Nida Yasir And Yasir Nawaz Have Allegedly Tested Positive For Coronavirus And Fans Are Pissed


Cover image via @alizehshahofficial via Instagram

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