Mani Just Made A Weird Joke About His First Shaadi And Everyone's Confused

By Sannia Bilal | 2 Oct, 2019

Mani joking about a first shaadi has confused people

Hira and Mani have become household names, particularly ever since Hira narrated how she stole her husband from a friend while they were both engaged to other people. Mani is no less candid than Hira, just btw. The man doesn’t seem to shy away from speaking his mind and is often found blatantly shaping the basis of controversial debates on social platforms.


Mani made a joke about his first shaadi during his latest interview, leaving people confused, shocked and even pissed off

So recently, I happened to have stumbled upon an episode of Shaista Lodhi’s online show “Gupshup With Shaista” where she’d invited Mani for an interview. Through the interview, Mani talked about his career and how it all started. He discussed how his wife, Hira Mani’s personality is astonishingly similar to his. He shared that while he’s been away from actively being part of TV shows for quite some time now. He said he’s been working behind the camera, producing a number of projects.

He also talked about how, back in the day, he was among the few people who were a source of entertainment for the vast audience who seem to be appreciating the culture of bloggers and vloggers these days as opposed to watching traditional TV.

Source: SL Digital / YouTube


The interview was going rather ordinarily until Mani decided first shaadi was a good topic to crack a lame joke about

It all started when Shaista asked him about his first marriage, he mentioned that he’d kept it a secret from Hira for 10 to 12 years until his first wife showed up at his door with his son, “Nayyer”, to ask  for funds pertaining to their son’s upbringing. Mani said he’s glad it wasn’t the era of social media back then or else, this news would’ve broken throughout the country. He said Hira had accepted his first child and she wanted to take him in and raise him as her own.

Having said that, both, the host and guest, burst out laughing and claimed that it was all a joke.

Source: SL Digital / YouTube

And that’s not really the end of it.


Carrying the joke forward, Mani shared a screenshot of his stance on Instagram along with the link to the full interview

But was this appropriate?

View this post on Instagram

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Naturally, Mani’s post garnered mixed reactions from his fans.


Some people were really shocked about Mani revealing first shaadi information because they fell for the “joke”

Source: @manipakistani / Instagram


Others questioned the authenticity of the relationship Hira and Mani portray in general after he revealed he told a fake story in the interview

Source: @manipakistani / Instagram


Those who realized that his first shaadi was a “joke” called him an attention seeker

Source: @manipakistani / Instagram


Source: @manipakistani / Instagram


Here’s the full interview, if you’re really interested

What I fail to understand is the fact that our celebrities seem to be enjoying themselves while cracking such insensitive jokes that are not only inappropriate but are also deplorable. Cracking jokes, dissing others for the sake of attention is the new kind of low our public figures are now proudly stooping down to. We understand that you want to be a topic of discussion on digital media and it’s hard to engage the younger audience, just ask us. But well, congratulations you’ve achieved the attention you wanted Shaista and Mani, but at what cost?

What do you think about the interview? Let us know in the comments.


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Cover image via: SL Digital / YouTube

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