Hira Mani Just Revealed How She Broke Off Her Engagement And Stole Mani From Her Friend

By Iman Zia | 19 Oct, 2018

‘Kitni khoobsurat cheez hai shaadi!”

Having watched the latest episode of ‘Speak Your Heart Out With Samina,’ I’ve fallen in love with Hira Mani. She’s the sweetest, kindest and most beautiful little soul. She radiates such warmth, and she’s so full of life, it’s remarkable in this day and age. The actress revealed details about her childhood to the lovely Samina Peerzada, before divulging intimate details about her husband Mani – whom she is hopelessly in love with; and by hopelessly in love, we LITERALLY MEAN SO FREAKING IN LOVE!

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Hira revealed how she stole Mani’s number from a friend who was speaking to him

Mani was basically a friend of a friend’s. She used to make projects for her friend, and one night she was talking to Mani all night – she was engaged then too and was set to get married in six months. Hira then secretly took out Mani’s number from her friend’s phone secretly to contact him under the pseudonym ‘Maryam Khan.’ She said Mani is her identity, and that’s why she makes sure to be addressed as Hira Mani, and not Hira Saqib. She said she loves him so much and that he’s made her everything she is today; “ussne mujhe tameez sikhayi hai, ussne mujhe zimidaari sikhayi hai, bohot pyaara aadmi hai.” She said how he has no ego and is so soft and kind that she is nothing short of infatuated with him.

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Hira also talked about how she was with Mani for months while being engaged to someone else

Hira admitted to her fiancé that she had been cheating on him with Mani. Mani gave her the confidence she could never attain before she met him; he’s made all her dreams come true; “lagta hai jaise khwaab sach kar diya hai mere Main ne.” She paused for a quick second and said how it feels so good that she’s talking to Samina about Mani.

Source: Speak Your Heart with Samina Peerzada/YouTube


She also said that she tried impressing Mani by wearing plaits and emulating Aishwarya with a shalwar kameez

When she finally met him (after having been speaking to him on the phone as a ‘Maryam), she went in as a fan. When she met Mani as a fan, she said how she woke up at six a.m. and had put her hair in plaits the night before (she wanted to look like Aishwarya Rai). Mani sent a car to pick her up, and she said she was shocked to see him in real life because he didn’t look the way he was on television. He later called ‘Maryam’ on the phone and said he knew that Hira was the same girl.

Source: Speak Your Heart with Samina Peerzada/YouTube


She told her fiancé of her time that she had been cheating on him with Mani – he forgave her. Mani disappeared for four months after that, and her efforts to reach out to him had failed. Then one day Mani suddenly called her and the rest is history.


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