An Open Declaration Of Love For Mahira Khan From A Die Hard Pakistani Fan

By Sajeer Shaikh | 15 May, 2018

Okay so first things first, I’m going to put it out there: this is 100% a biased piece because I love Mahira Khan and I personally think she deserves multiple wax statues all over the world. She’s one of the best things to have happened to this planet, let alone Cannes.


Source: TUC Pakistan


Not gonna lie, I’ve even tried to get her attention on Twitter (to no avail, because of kismet hee kharab hai.)

Now, here’s the thing – I’ve literally always believed that Mahira Khan is something special. I’m not a huge movie buff and I don’t watch a lot of TV, but if there’s anything I’ll bother watching, Mahira will be in it.


For instance, I first saw her in Bol. And, as the song suggests – hona tha pyaar, hua meray yaar.

Source: Shoman Productions


I also fell head-over-heels in love when I saw her chilling with celebrities in that one talk show she hosted.

Not gonna lie, her banter with Fawad (also someone who makes me forget how to breathe) was the highlight for me.

Source: TUC Pakistan

I loved her in Manto, I’m currently falling in love with her all over again in Humsafar. She even looked gorgeous in Raees. 

Source: Red Chillies Entertainment

(^I would follow her off a cliff if she asked like that.)


But I’ve also admired Mahira for factors that don’t include her charm and talent. 

Her resilience in the face of the bullshit thrown at her at the end of last year was mindboggling. I don’t know how many people would have managed to stay sane and rise above the deafening cacophony of negativity. But Mahira rose like a phoenix from the ashes, displaying incredible strength and poise.

(I even wrote a piece asking people to back off and do some soul searching – you can read that here.)

Source: @mahirahkhan/Instagram

Khair, as someone who’s irrevocably in love with Mahira, you can imagine why I’ve been following her Cannes looks. I mean, the woman looks flawless. Which is why I think it’s only fair that I take this opportunity to talk about how she looks like an absolute dream at Cannes. Because obviously, we haven’t talked enough about it already.


I mean, just look at this cute outfit. It kinda makes me wish a male version of Mahira existed.

But also, if she’s killin’ this look, do we really need a male Mahira? Hmm. Feeling conflicted. Regardless, do I want to maybe copy her and try to pull this off at a party? Obviously. Will I? Lol, no. Can’t compete with the queen.

Source: @mahirahkhan / Instagram


Can we also talk about THESE alluring pictures that legit made me put down my phone and fan myself?

Damn, one sec. Need to grab my inhaler.

Source: @mahirahkhan/Instagram


Source: @mahirahkhan/Instagram

Matlab, how is she even human? Also, HOW and WHAT is that jawline? Why do I want to be the person/thing she’s staring at? I just. I need some air.


This is the piece that convinced me ke chalo, yellow bhi acha lag sakta hai.

Backstory: Clowns wear yellow, I used to be terrified of clowns. Not a solid reason to dislike the color, but still. However, now that I’ve seen Mahira in it, maybe it’s not all that bad, ya know? But even if I move past the color (which looks GREAT on her,) how is it humanly possible to look comfortable in heels as the wind blows everything you wear?

Teach me your ways, Mahira.

Source: @mahirakhan/Instagram


Can we also talk about how this jumpsuit is nearly impossible to pull off but Mahira does it like literally koi bari baat nahi hai?

If I looked that good in anything, I’d gloat every day. We are not worthy, Mahira.

Source: @mahirahkhan/Instagram


Now, let’s talk about the look that deserves to be in some fashion hall of fame or something.

There’s just so much going on here. That beautiful blouse. The wind caressing her hair. The saari I wish I could’ve worn at my school farewell. I don’t even get how anyone can disagree with me here.

Source: @mahirahkhan/Instagram


I’m just grateful I’m alive to see this, tbh.

Source: @mahirahkhan/Instagram


Moving on, can someone please explain to me how Mahira is allowed to look THIS fabulous in something this simple? Mujhe science samjhao iski.

Source: @mahirahkhan/Instagram


So up till now, you’re probably thinking: haan toh, iss main konsi bari baat hai? Celebrity hai, acha toh dikhna hai. I hear you, I do. Maybe my obsession with Mahira is a bit uncalled for. BUT, riddle me this. How do you expect a mere weak-hearted, weak-willed mortal like me to not obsess over



Source: Getty Images

(Not the other lady. Mahira.)


Matlab…even in a crowd, she stands out. 

Source: @mahirasfp / Instagram

What is this perfection? How is it possible?

And that’s how you do it folks. #MahiraKhan #Cannes

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I just wanna know how this is fair, tbh.

Now THIS is a mood. #MahiraKhan killing it at the #Cannes after party last night ??

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Heck, it took me a minute to realize she was with Sonam (who looks gorg too btw) because I was lost in that smile.

(Also, I kinda wanna be Sonam in this.)

Source: @opxodaily / Instagram


And hey, I’m not the only one obsessed okay? People agree with me. 

Like yeah, I wanna sue her too. But instead of money, I just want her to give me tips on how to look like her.

Matlab, you can’t even deny it. She IS killing it at Cannes. 

And she deserves all the appreciation in the world.

Yes, she truly is a blessing.


Okay, that concludes my fangirling for now. Mahira, if you aren’t too busy being gorgeous and are reading this, I love you. And so does half the world. Thank you for existing.


Maine fangirl karlia. You can go ahead and join me in the comments.


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