Mahira Khan's Debut At The Cannes Red Carpet Will Make Y'all Go ‘O Zalimaaaa'

By Sarah Babar | 14 May, 2018

If there is one (out of a million) thing that Mahira Khan is good at, it’s taking our breath away. And it’s usually simply by existing. Well, nowadays, she seems to have intentionally, yet effortlessly, taken it all up a few hundred notches with the looks that she has been serving us for the last few days in the glorious city of Cannes at the Cannes Film Festival

Like this Elan ensemble in which she’s seeminglessly soaking up the French sun

Source: @mahirahkhan / Instagram


And this super chic outfit that I can’t pull off in years, but she did in a second

Source: @mahirahkhan / Instagram


This has been my favorite look so far, elegant, classy, and screaming out Mahira’s personality

Source: @mahirahkhan / Instagram


The work on that blouse, the pallu on that saari

Source: @mahirahkhan / Instagram


While this pant suit made me do a double take, it’s definitely won me over, over the course of the day

Source: @mahirahkhan / Instagram


This look sailed right into our hearts with this solid color suit and va va voom

Source: @mahirahkhan / Instagram


The Elan dupatta draped around Mahira’s body makes our hearts do a double take

Source: @mahirahkhan / Instagram


The sheer oomph that Mahira is exuding in this super simple outfit just made us love her that much more

Source: @mahirahkhan / Instagram

If you remember what we had to say about Mahira and her choice of clothing at Cannes, that it is highly under stated and almost like Mahira’s playing it too safe. Which is soooo unlike Mahira which is why we were soooo surprised! And a little underwhelmed.


Mahira’s all set to walk the carpet at Cannes and make her much awaited debut after the whole dress crisis

Her dress was stuck in customs, and it’s still stuck in customs so that sucks so bad!


But as of right now, we’ve been completely proven wrong because well, Mahira’s debut walk is the work of gods

Source: Getty Images

Like, hello Assalamoalaykum, tareef keroun kya us ki jis ne tujhe banaya, eh?



She’s donned a simple black outfit and, well, it’s the debut we had all been waiting for!

Source: @mahirasfp / Instagram

She’s walking alongside the Bollywood diva, Sonam Kapoor, who had previously said she couldn’t wait to hang out with Mahira at the event!

And lo and behold! The two fashion icons have already shared SUCH a warm moment together!

Source: @opxodaily / Instagram


Keep it locked here, because we’ll be giving you all the pictures as they come! Love you, Mahira!



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