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Armeena Is Trying To Remind People That Mahira Isn’t The First Pakistani Actress At Cannes

Armeena Is Trying To Remind People That Mahira Isn’t The First Pakistani Actress At Cannes

We’ve seen the Cannes red carpet light up with some of the biggest stars from around the world and across the border, and from our country, too. Including biiiig time Hollywood stars like Cate Blanchette, Kristen Stewart, and Salma Hayek, who were all a part of a protest demanding equality at the workplace and better, diverse working environments.



We also saw some of the biggest names in Bollywood gracing the festival with their grace, elegance and beauty

Source: @w24_us / Instagram


Look at this stunner!

Source: @deepikapadukone / Instagram


Among the biggest names in the world was our very own Mahira Khan who has been giving everyone a run for their money, and she hasn’t even walked as yet

Source: @galaxylollywood / Instagram


Mahira has been giving us one affirmation after the other to retain her title as the queen of entertainment in Pakistan

Source: @mahirahkhan / Instagram


While there are those who have been calling Mahira the first Pakistani actress to walk at the Cannes Film Festival

Source: @mahirahkhan / Instagram


There is one person who has been giving us a reminder that it wasn’t really Mahira who is the first Pakistani actress to grace the festival

Source: MJJ Productions / Optimum Productions


And it is none other than our very own Armeena Khan

Source: @armeenakhanofficial / Instagram


Armeena walked the carpet in 2013 representing her own short film “Writhe” at the festival

Source: @armeenakhanofficial / Instagram


Armeena shared this picture on her Instagram as a major throwback to when she was present at Cannes

Source: @armeenakhanofficial / Instagram

She is seen being protected from the rain by her loving fiance, Fesl.


This is the caption that went with the image

Source: @armeenakhanofficial / Instagram


Having said all of this, Armeena’s post was not out of malice or bitterness, it was just a reminder that she got there first! As a very very sweet gesture, she also wished Mahira Khan luck for the festival and gave her her “naik tamannayn”. We love the whole women supporting women theme going on at this year’s Cannes, because that’s how it should be!


Let us know what you think of this in the comments below! Okay byeee ~


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