Mahira Khan Just Made This Cancer Patient's Dream Come True And This Is Exactly Why She's A Superstar

By UA | 29 May, 2019

Mahira Khan fulfilling this cancer patient fan’s dream is the most beautiful thing you’ll see today

Mahira Khan is a name well known in not just Pakistan, but all over the world. With her distinct and impeccable talent, she has sparkled her magic on hundreds of thousands of people, through dramas, films and even simply just her charming personality.


One of Mahira’s fans, Nida, a cancer patient, recently got her wish fulfilled when the actress visited by her.

Mahira has always had a sensitive spot for children, and the hospital tweeted about their surprise interaction:


Mahira seems to be pretty overwhelmed herself, as she states how incredibly happy she is to be at the hospital

She has always been very fond of children, and there are many who speak to Mahira’s remarkable empathy and kind heartedness. Being the angel she is, Mahira too was amazed about the interaction and tweeted about it.

How cute! Speaking to Nida’s strength and steadfastness, Mahira asked her followers to pray for her.


People have also appreciated Mahira for always expressing empathy and championing those who need all the support 

The Humsafar star has always been engaged in community work including her humanitarian trip with UNHCR

She’s known for shedding light on pertinent issues that are often left ignored, and especially for her passion towards the welfare of children.

Source: @MahirahKhan/ Instagram

Mahira makes it a point to meet her fans and make everyone feel valid, needed, and loved. She takes initiative wherever she can, and her strong drive towards social justice leaves us all wondering…how can someone be this wholesome?

Mahira’s visit to Nida just echoes her sweet and loving personality, and we all kinda wish we were just as lucky as her. Nida looks so adorably starstruck, and our prayers and wishes are with her and her family. Get well soon, Nida.


Mahira Khan Just Made A Fan’s Dream Come True And It’s The Cutest Thing You’ll See All Day

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Cover image via: and @indus_hospital / Twitter

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