Senator Sherry Rehman Just Got Trolled For Enjoying Organic Fruit In Iftari While Poor Sindhis Suffer

By Rameeza Ahmad | 29 May, 2019

Senator Sherry Rehman getting bashed for eating fruits reminds me I can’t even afford to do that

Senator Sherry Rehman probably thought she was just sharing a picture of her iftari with everyone. She wanted to boast about the beautiful non-GM fruit being grown in Pakistan’s orchards that taste great even without artificial help. What she thought might be viewed as a point of pride for Pakistanis turned into a situation completely against her.


People reminded the senator, that while she enjoys her fruits, there are millions of Pakistanis who do not have the same luxury


Others talked about how there are people in Thar dying every day because of malnutrition

And since she is a senator from Sindh, where Thar is, maybe she should focus on the issue instead of ignoring it. A lot of people tweeted at her with statistics from Thar as well as heartbreaking headlines coming out from the area.


Sherry Rehman isn’t the only PPP politician who gets trolled for the situation in Sindh every time she posts something unrelated

A lot of people tend to remind PPP politicians about the dire situation in Thar and usually, all of the questions related to Thar or the general situation of Sindh is ignored. Recently Bakhtawar Bhutto responded to a ‘troll’ who talked about PPP’s lack of action against the deteriorating condition of their home province, Sindh. But she never answered the allegation made, just corrected them over the video of her they had used. Convenient.


As for Sherry Rehman, people also told her the same thing about Sindh

Honestly, everyone kind of has a point. Her home province is in tatters, especially Thar where people are dying because of malnutrition every single day. And not much is being done to make sure the people of Thar have adequate nutrition or even basic healthcare. Maybe she could have been more mindful of sharing her personal blessings when her countrymen are suffering?

Lagta hai Sherry Rehman sahiba ko fruit kuch zyada he mehnga par gaya. Hopefully, the countless tweets Senator Sherry Rehman got will prompt her into taking some kind of action.

What do you think of Senator Sherry Rehman being schooled for posting about fruits? Let us know in the comments below.


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