13 Surprising Things You Probably Did Not Know About Mahira Khan

By Arslan Athar | 16 Aug, 2018

Mahira Khan is one of Pakistan’s biggest and brightest stars. We know some things about her personal life but recently she’s shared some surprisingly simple things about her that will make you fall in love with her even more (if that’s even possible)

1. Her favorite projects she’s worked on are ‘Humsafar’, ‘Sadqay Tumharay’ and ‘Shehr-e-Zaat’. 

Right back at ya👀

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2. She LOVES chocolate ice cream 

Chaand Mubarak💋

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3. She would be open to the possibility of working with Bilal Abbas Khan

4. Mahira misses her Twitter family but is waiting for the madness to settle down. Then she’ll make a comeback.

@ermannoscervino 💎💙 #lorealparis #lorealcannes #cannes2018 #lorealpkatcannes

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5. Blush is her beauty ‘must-have’

@maisonyeya 💅💞 #lorealcannes #cannes2018 #lorealpkatcannes #lorealparis

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6. Mahira is also open to working with Ahad Raza Mir and in fact, he has a story ready for it

Pre and post screening 🤓

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7. She loves to indulge in clay masks and often does them herself

8. She feels she isn’t that confident in real life

9. The actor has had a ghost encounter.

We know no other details! But she did say it 🙂

10. She will be working with the UN High Commission for Refugees

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11. She prefers to go all natural when it comes to makeup 

🦁🤘🏼 #everythingthelighttouches

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12. She’s the type of girl that prefers mascara! 

🌚 #1yearofRaees

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Mahira posted these as answers to a casual Q&A session she had on the Instagram account for her new fashion venture, Mashion.

These were honestly such cute confessions from Mahira! Ugh, we love you so much 🙂

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