This Episode Of “Meri Guriya” Teaches Us A Lot About Justice And Standing Up For What's Right

By Arslan Athar | 16 Aug, 2018

Meri Guriya’ has been a show that has challenged a lot of notions that are held in Pakistani society, regarding honor and women empowerment. This week’s episode is no different.

The community at large continues to pressurize the family to stop their public protest and to stop Shehnaz and Safina, in particular. 

It seems like the walls around the two leading ladies is caving in. Safina has had enough of her life post-marriage and all the taanas she has to face from her saas and Dabeer lies. She chooses to leave her house and live elsewhere.

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On the other hand, the police are feeling the heat continuously. After Safina and Shehnaz released their video, they’re having to conduct DNA tests on Javed. 

They know that will reveal their incompetence in the case and only add to the pressure they’re feeling to find the real culprit.

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Now, as Safina is about to leave her house, Javed comes back and thanks her and Shehnaz for fighting the good fight.

Because of their video, he was taken to have a DNA test. The police had no evidence and no reason to keep him in prison. Shehnaz and Safina’s families, upon seeing and hearing about this, suddenly see the light. They realize the fight that they’re fighting and how important it is for them to keep doing so.

Dabeer is unaware of this change in his family. He’s seen celebrating Safina’s departure by playing with his doll. What’s extremely disturbing with this scene is that he still has Abida’s dupatta and he’s seen smelling it and ‘playing’ with it.

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Shehnaz and Safina gain strength as their families begin to believe in them and their cause (minus Dabeer, of course). They’re becoming louder and stronger and are planning to go out on the streets to fight for justice.  

As this is happening the police uncover new ‘blurry’ footage of Abida and her killer and the description they have matches Dabeer’s pretty closely. Upon hearing this, he sheds his pant and shirt and puts on a shalwar kameez instead.

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Finally, in the last scene, the area’s MPA comes to Shahmir and Shehnaz’s house along with the neighborhood ‘elders’ and police. Shehnaz, Safina, and Yawar are quick to dismiss the MPA and tell him off for his hypocrisy and lies. Shehnaz shouts at him and pushes him out of her house. As he steps out he sees a huge number of women outside their house, protesting and demanding justice for Abida.

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In this episode, Shehnaz and Safina went from feeling extremely low to be very strong in their fight for Abida. Social media, along with traditional media, added to their voice and made sure some pretty ‘powerful’ people hear about their case.

Social media definitely helped their message spread and helped to mobilize people behind their cause. Yes, they’ll have to face a lot of backlash from the society they live in, however, it’s clear that they are not backing down in their fight.

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