Pakistanis Are Trying To Help Find This Woman's Father Who She Hasn’t Seen For 26 Years

By Biya Haq | 6 Sep, 2017

You may or may not have seen this tweet circulating the Twittersphere lately.


The tweet is about the story of a 26 year old by the name of Yasmina Derejovskaia, from Moldova, who has been in the search of her long lost father whom she has never met before.

Source: Arshad Afridi Via: Twitter

We all hear of multiple stories around the world of families reuniting because of social media. The Internet now has the power to help the people in search of those who they love and this tweet is on it’s way to hopefully do just that.

Circulating the Internet this story caught some Pakistanis’ attention and people everywhere had plenty to say

Though some people have been a little skeptical at the nature of the tweet,

Via: Twitter
Via: Twitter


Many users were sympathetic and sent Yasmina well wishes:

Via: Twitter
Via: Twitter

Yasmina lives in the UK and has a degree in business and administration from the Academy of Economics in Moldova.

We decided to reach out to Yasmina ourselves to set the story straight and she did just that:

Source: Yasmina Derejovskaia Via: Facebook

“I started to search him few years ago. It was my dream from childhood. Whole life my family told me that my father is a great man with big heart, very good father and perfect husband. I’ve never seen him, I was just 6 months when he moved to Pakistan. I imagine how I will meet him and these thoughts warmed my heart. Every birth day I was waiting for him and it was my wish every new year at 00.00.”


When asked her about any progress made in her search she said she knows he’s based in Peshawar but has not been able to establish much contact with him:

“3 years ago I found his friend in one social network, we talked a few months and after that he disappeared. He told me a little bit about my father and he told me that he doesn’t have any address or number. Few days ago I posted in Facebook my story and I was very surprised, that a lot of people try to help me and to find my father. I’m waiting for the news. I will make everything what depends from me to find him. I want it so much. Hope, he feel the same feelings.”


Yasmina expressed her grief and disbelief at people who would not take her situation seriously, thinking it was a ‘scam.’

When we reached out to her for details on her story, she said she hoped that this post would help in finding her father.

This was the image of her father Yasmina shared with us:

Source: Yasmina Derejovska Via: Facebook

Yasmina was legally married in March, earlier this year and is currently planning her wedding ceremony in September of next year. She says she hopes to see her father on her wedding day and is now living with her husband in the United Kingdom.

We hope to see Yasmina triumphant in her search and to see her have her dream wedding with her father by her side.

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