We Went To The Biggest Stunt Show In Pakistan And Whoa, Such Dare Devils

By MangoBaaz Studio | 15 May, 2018

How often do you get invited to an exclusive event dedicated to men on bikes doing stunts you usually only see in Mission Impossible movies?

Yep, not often.

Which is why it was all the more exciting when team MangoBaaz got to see all the dare devils perform mind boggling stunts powered by Mountain Dew.

Look at them goOoOoO


Wheelies done right, you guys!


Needs no cape, this one.


An effort to engage with extreme sports enthusiasts, be relevant to the huge biker culture in Pakistan and of course ignite the passion of the beverage fans, Mountain Dew hosted the biggest action event in the country bringing together internationally known athletes specializing in FMX bikes and heavy bikes to tour Pakistan.


Including international FMX riders like South African athlete Dallan Goodman.


Long time stunt man and adrenaline junkie, Nick Di Witt


Fregric Frog Bergern (aka Froggy) all the way from Sweden,

Super Biker Didi Bizzaro


…who also has a great sense of humor, might I add?

Best part of the day!!!#didibizzarro #bizzarroteam #extremeentertainment #pakistan

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Look at them casually hanging out…

Source: @frogfmx Via: Instagram



Before suspending in air like they just don’t carrrrreeee.

Source: Mountain Dew
Source: Mountain Dew


And we soon found out how big of a chuppa rustam is Feroze Khan…

Source: Mountain Dew


The events in Lahore and Karachi attracted celebrities and adrenaline junkies like never before. With electric performances by Call The Band and SomeWhatSuper, the show was non stop. Here’s to hoping Pakistan keeps hosting events like these to further biking culture and give us crazy entertainment in the future.

This post has been sponsored by Mountain Dew

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