Lies You Told Ammi, Abbu That You Can Reveal After You Turn 25 (Probably)

By Momo | 20 Sep, 2016

When we were younger, there were certain things we’d all cringe upon at the thought of our parents finding out, especially as a Pakistani kid.  Certain things were a complete no go zone i.e. girlfriends, boyfriends, smoking etc. It wasn’t just in our heads because parents could get a little “upset” – and so certain things became secrets. However, parents kinda calm down once you reach your mid 20’s and now that they know you know things they know *wink*, it becomes easier to either blurt it out or casually mention it in a conversation.

When you told them that your friend of the opposite gender was just your friend. “We’re like brothers and sisters.”

Yeah no seriously there was definitely something going on.

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My friends are going on the trip *insert random names*, the teachers would be there too.

So obviously there were no teachers, and I just wanted to go anyway even if ALL my friends weren’t going.

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But if you had overbearing parents then they might have wanted to talk to your friends too. So you gave your friends a good briefing about what to say to them.

*Calls friend* “Here mama talk to to my friend.”

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If you’re a girl and a guy friend dropped you home “Ayesha dropped me home baba” *sneaks away*

Sorry parents but it was either some guy friend or the bf.

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When your parents asked you if you smoked cigaretes. “Mama mere dost cigarette pete hain, ap ko ab mujh per itna bhi yakeen nahi?”

Truth be told those teenage hormonal boys were smoking even before their feet could reach the car pedals.

That one time when your eyes were red and you told your parents it was an irritation or the chlorine from a swimming pool.

Yeah it wasn’t really the chlorine nor the irritation…

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Via: Tumblr

This one will probably stay with you forever actually.

“I’m going to Ahmed’s house to study tonight mama, might even stay the night.”

There was no studying involved.

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That time you told baba that you were with a friend when you actually weren’t.

“Let me talk to your friend.”

Okay wait he/she is in the bathroom *quickly dials friends number puts him/her on conference call and tries to hold in laugh* Boom. Problem solved.

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Jee ammi, aap ne phone kiya tha? I couldn’t answer I was in class/busy/phone was on silent.”

You were just out somewhere you didn’t want your parents to know.


Those nights when you were up late in your room watching movies

You weren’t in the room. You had left the TV on so your parents would think you were in your room.

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That time when there was a huge dent on your car and you blamed the rickshaw-wala

It wasn’t the rickshaw-wala’s fault at all.

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Lastly, when they asked us if everything was okay and we were torn between crying our heart out to them like little kids (that we were) and just sucking it all up, all we could do was say “haan mama sab kuch theek hai.”

But sab kuch theek naheen tha.

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No matter how old we grow or young we are, there will always be certain things we won’t be able to tell our parents, but deep in our hearts we know that no matter what we were to do there is no one in the world who would love us more than them. Now go tell them how much you love them.

Any thing you would add?

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