Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt Announced Their Divorce And These Pakistanis Are Heartbroken

By Haadia Paracha | 21 Sep, 2016

2004 till infinity



… then 2016 happened and SHIT HIT THE FAN


2016 has pulled a classic 2016 all over again and we’ve had just about enough of the incessant misfortunes.

In a shocking revelation, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are getting divorced after 12 years of love, giving everybody #couplegoals and making the world a better place by adopting children from all over the world.


And I’m just looking for some therapeutic crying sesh RN.


Turns out, the split has taken a toll on Pakistanis as they’re having a meltdown left, right and center.

Here’s a quick social media round-up:


This one guy called it.


And so it began…






This person thinks it’s a waste of time:


While this one thinks all hell has broken loose:



Shots were heard

Actual shots, OMG.


Sentiments were at an all-time high:



Many nazars were held accountable:


People lost their faith in true love:


In fact, there was actual fear among people, of losing their own relationships:


While some were adamant on being the messiahs of ‘reality checks’



Others were literally just having the ~feels~

I indulged in some petty Jennifer Aniston throwbacks as well (and I’m not even ashamed, tbh)

But many others decided to play that card.

Karma is a bitch, indeed.




Astaghfirullah, bro. Pls.


Some jokes got a little out of hand:

Emotions were literally just flying amuck.


This one pindi boy is ready to pounce on the sudden opening:



Someone pointed out that this divorce announcement even helped diffuse tensions between India and Pakistan


And while all of this was in good fun, the truth is we all hurt a little at the end of their beautiful marriage.


Brangelina  </3

You’ll remain in our hearts forever.

Source: knotsvilla
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