The “Yakeen Ka Safar” Finale Was The Perfect Ending To Zubia And Asfandyar's Love Story

By Iman Zia | 2 Nov, 2017

*Warning – spoilers ahead*

“Mein darthi thi…

– Kis baat se…Mein hoon tumhare saath”

And so ends ‘Yakeen Ka Safar,’ unarguably the most thrilling drama in recent times. The final episode was just as expected, really; pacifying, satisfying in practically every single way, and a string of tying up loose ends perfectly. It was excellently done, with precious moments we as an audience were longing for, not just between protagonists Zubia and Asfandyar, but the adoring side story between Gaiti and Dr. Haroon too. Suffice to say, it was perfect.


The final ‘Yakeen Ka Safar’ episode opens where we left off – Asfandyar in a dazed shock that Zubia is the same girl he saved so long ago

There was speculation that Asfandyar’s heart is no longer for Zubia after learning of her turbulent past – especially after he declares to Gaiti and his mother that he wants to cancel the wedding. It begs us to wonder if Asfandyar is like the rest of all those who turned their back on Zubia – but it cannot be – Asfandyar is a gem in a dearth.

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Sajal Ali is fantastic, and ends the drama with a bang and pop with her phenomenal acting as the trembling Zubia who blurs all as she sets out for an attempted suicide

Really, bravo! It was aching and terrifying to watch Zubia as she walked out of the hospital towards the Northern mountains. Her fear coalesced before her as she saw her brother speaking to Asfandyar, and that was precisely her breaking point. She never thought herself kaabil of Afsandyar, and this was the last straw.

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What was frightening was Zubia looking directly at Asfandyar across on the bridge – the first time we see her entirely hopeless

You can almost feel a daunting montage of Zubia’s skeletons dance before her as she mindlessly stares at Asfandyar, entirely and utterly lost. And when Asfandyar orders her to stop, by the time he reaches her, she’s jumped.

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Asfandyar is her savior once more and takes her back to the hospital

He does not leave her side and admits to her brother that he adores her very much – reinstating our faith that Afsandyar really is one in a million, and would never be so shallow to leave Zubia behind.

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Zubia’s brother Rehan also makes an appearance, as he seeks his sister for redemption

He hasn’t entirely been an antagonist throughout the drama but has been both cruel and spineless on many occasions, in particular with Zubia. It’s quite heartbreaking watching him ask Zubia for forgiveness – what else can he do? That’s all he’s got left – to seek redemption.

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Now we reach the most emphatic, most heartbreaking scene of the finale as our ‘Yakeen Ka Safar’ journey comes to an end

Zubia wakes up to find Asfandyar waiting for her to regain consciousness. Their embrace was very expecting – collecting and serene. Asfandyar makes it clear he has no concern for Zubia’s past and wants to spend the rest of his life with her.

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Zubia still does not find herself worthy of Asfandyar and expresses her fear of telling the truth

This is honestly the first time we see Asfandyar so open with his feelings as he achingly explains to Zubia how he will never leave her after he asks her why he couldn’t trust her. It isn’t Zubia’s fault, she’s been wired to keep her walls high and armor strong after being cast into the shadows by all those she considered dear.

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They enfold into another with a relieving hug, thus penning the final few words of their love story

And while we were not given a moment to witness the two tie the knot, the transition from their embrace to a brief sight into their married life sufficed.

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On a lighter note too, Gaiti and Dr. Haroon foretold a life together in a brief scene between the two that was short, but nonetheless satisfying

Gaiti’s son asks Dr. Haroon why he hasn’t met him in so long, to which Dr. Haroon adoringly asks permission from his mother. She says yes (an indication that she is slowly allowing Dr. Haroon to set foot into her life).

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While the happier moments post-marriage were restricted to just a few scenes, it gave us a glimpse of Zubia and Asfandyar’s life together

With Zubia’s calming voice narrating her life, a montage of aesthetically pleasing scenes of the North overlayed as we find out that it’s been one year since she wed Asfandyar – oh, and Gaiti and Dr. Haroon too have settled down together.

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Standing ovation for ‘Yakeen Ka Safar,’ and another tremendous round of applause for giving Pakistani television Zubia and Asfandyar

Source: Hum Television Network


Thank you, Farhat Ishtiaq.

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