KIA Sorento Was Spotted In The Streets Of Lahore And Everyone Is Going Gaga Over It

By MangoBaaz Studio | 27 Nov, 2020

People are spotting KIA Sorento in Lahore OMG

If you’re a car enthusiast, then boy oh boy do we have good news for you. KIA Motors’ Sorento SUV is being spotted in Lahore and I am just super curious about it.


Wrapped in a fearless #WeAreUnstoppable banner, the KIA Sorento being spotted in Lahore has sparked curiosity all over Pakistan

Have a look for yourself:

Source: Kia Motors Pakistan

Some people are spotting this beauty in Karachi as well. What’s happening? Is Sorento taking over the streets of the whole country? Not that we’re complaining but we’re definitely very curious.


This brand new car has caused a major stir on social media where everyone is drooling over this masterpiece

Source: Kia Motors Pakistan

Owing to these exciting spottings, there are heavy rumors that KIA Sorento might be launched in Pakistan soon.


Since the KIA Sorento spottings are getting everyone talking, why don’t we dive into some amazing specs of this car?

In case you didn’t know, due to various reasons consumers across the world are flocking towards sport utility vehicles, or as they’re popularly known – SUVs, and away from conventional sedans and wagons. This has been a trend for the past few years and we think it could be the fuel efficiency and the fact that SUVs offer a better family-accommodation that regular ol’ sedans. Of course, the KIA Sorento is the perfect addition to the SUV market as it is a seven-seater, 5 door SUV. Like a perfect family car that’s also very sexy on the streets.

Source: Kia Motors Pakistan

The specs of this car are worth all the hype. The exterior of the car gives a very premium feel. It is 189″ long, 74.4″ wide, and has a height of around 66″. The interior is sophisticated, with perfectly designed functional elements.

Here’s hoping that KIA will launch the third generation Sorento in Pakistan. The third generation Sorento is a uni-body 7 seaters. It is built on Hyundai-KIA’s shared platform, the N3. Also, the V6 engine ensures improved fuel economy, reduced emissions, more torque, and larger power output. This all-wheel-drive promises a reliable performance throughout.


Say hello to your family car that does not compromise on the beauty of the vehicle itself

KIA Sorento is a perfect family car spacious enough to accommodate around 6-7 people at once. The robust engine even allows you to take this one on your wild adventures. Expect comfort, excitement, and balance with this one!

Also, we think that the Sorento is about to give the Toyotoa Fortuner quite a competition. Sorento is here to give some tough competition to Honda and Toyota sedans as well, if you ask us. Besides the promised luxury, the exciting shape, the fuel efficiency and the pocket-friendliness, KIA Sorento also offers a decent set of safety features that the other cars in its price range just can’t compete with. It puts safety over everything else, as tested through crash simulations. This is is definitely going to disrupt the existing, and might we add rather boring, car market in Pakistan.

So, car enthusiasts! Keep your fingers crossed for the launch of KIA Sorento in Pakistan because if this one is going to come to Pakistan, it will be a major game-changer. You can mark our words.

So what are your thoughts on the car? Do you like it? Let us know in the comments.


Cover image via:Kia Motors Pakistan

This post has been sponsored by KIA Motors Pakistan

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