Kendall Jenner Doing Bhangra With Her Sisters To This Punjabi Song Has Got Desis So Excited It's Hilarious

By Zainab Ali | 26 Dec, 2018

Keeping up with the Kardashians has not been easier but thanks to social media and their love for sharing everything and anything they do with said social media, we basically know what these girls are up to whenever they post stories or pictures.


On Christmas Eve, to no one’s surprise, Kim and Kanye went all out when they hosted the most epic Christmas Eve Party for all their family and friends. 

The even got John Legend to sing at their party, and that was pretty insane.


The whole family went crazy to party with their equally rich and glamorous friends

Everyone wore overly-priced matching outfits, and the next generation of the Kardashian Klan was very much into it as the present generation was. It was a whole fiesta, and a half.

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Merry Christmas 💋

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However, it wasn’t quite the star-studded, visually appealing event that caught our eye, but rather, what everyone at the party was dancing and jamming out to

I’ll give you a hint, it has a dhol beat, and no Punjabi wedding is every complete without it.

As caught by one brown fan, Kendall Jenner had posted a video of them, on her instagram story, showing off their moves at this Christmas Eve party, to Mundyaan Tu Bach Kay Rahin. I must say, we, Punjabi’s have finally infiltrated the west after all with our amazing taste in music.


Needless to say, our desi community was absolutely ecstatic when they saw this. 


Some non-desi folks even liked the song so much they asked for the name


Others pointed out that this soundtrack was played because of Jay-Z’s feature on i

But like c’mon, everyone knows it wasn’t JUST because of his feature (the beats are next level).

Whatever the reason, culture diffusion out there absolutely at it’s finest. With crazy western-eastern crossovers this 2018, like Nick and Priyanka, we can definitely add this one to the list.


And here’s the song they were playing

For a playlist of the greatest hits of 2018, though, you can check it out here.

Maybe Kanye will get inspired from this Punjabi beat, and end up featuring on the next bhangra song, who knows?


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