The Dude Planning Karachi's “Dirty Night” Couple Swapping Event Has Been Arrested & People Have SO Many Thoughts

By Maliha Khan | 5 Nov, 2018

Okay, listen up people. Turns out, couple swapping has been a thing in Pakistan for quite a while now. There are ads that are posted on the daily offering different “deals” that couples can partake in. These ads are posted to numerous websites and one particular ad caught everyone’s attention.


Now, a dude from Karachi decided to capitalize on this. An enterprising “event planner” created an invite for an event named Dirty Night (couple swapping).

The event was set for November 3rd at 11 pm and set to last until November 4th at 7 am. Many people had confirmed that they were going, others showed interest, and many even shared the event page.


Couples interested in this affair needed to reserve their spot ahead of time along with wire the money in advance to attend the event. The asking price for each couple was apparently Rs 25000 and oh boy, the man behind this scheme must have made a lot of money.


The individual behind the event is allegedly someone called Arsalan Qamar. And apparently, officials have taken steps to protect citizens from such “obscene” events.

Via Facebook


According to Pakistanis all over social media, the matchmaker has also been arrested by officials.

He has been arrested for two reasons: one reason being the idea and premise of the event and two for promoting a fake event through which he scammed a lot of people out of money.


Basically, the news has started spreading on social media.

Pakistanis are not happy about this taking place in their country.

Some are just plain outraged

Some think that the swingers aren’t really victims since, well, they’re swingers.

The certain individual believes he was just a matchmaker for the people interested in attending the event and not at all a scammer…

Some people were just outright insensitive 

It is a new realization for many of us and something we need to be mindful of. This scammer created an event to swindle people out of money while letting them believe they would be living their best lives. It’s kinda funny and sad at the same time, lol.

How do you feel about this? Let us know in the comments.


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