Comedian Jeremy McLellan Has Been Trolling Khadim Rizvi Non Stop & It's Actually Pretty Funny

By Haddiqua Siddiqui | 5 Nov, 2018

We all know Jeremy McLellan, right? This ambassador of the Pindi Boyz in the United States has a keen interest in the political scene of Pakistan due to his love for sasti comedy.


This is what he looks like in case you had forgotten because he hasn’t been in the news lately



He’s back with an opinion on the whole Khadim Rizvi fiasco. Here’s what he had to say:

Via: Facebook

While he’s making a joke, his message is definitely one that requires deep thought.


Moreover, he’s been pretty vocal about the entire issue everywhere


He even celebrated the fact that Khadim Rizvi’s Twitter account got suspended.

And he added a touch of humor there too.


He even took to Twitter to address some matters seriously.


Khair, eventually McLellan kinda only started making jokes, which sorta helped.


He even trolled Maryam Nawaz, LOL.


Basically, Jeremy will be Jeremy, I suppose.

His tweets have garnered quite a few reactions, as they always do. People are responding in different ways.


Some people think he’s being hilarious.


Some people are offended.

Since this has become an international issue, it’s obvious that a lot of people will have varying opinions on this. What do you guys think? Comment below.

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Cover photo via Jeremy McLellan /Twitter

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