Jeremy McLellan, We Love You But These “Photos” With Jemima And Imran Khan Are Going A Little Out Of Hand

By Aam Nawab | 15 Jul, 2018

Dear Jeremy McLellan, we love you for all the humor and the wit that you bring to the table and all the fun you have with Pakistan and Pakistanis. But we have to say, it’s getting a little out of hand, particularly with the latest photos that you’ve just posted.


We loved you for embracing the Pindi Boyz and making them mainstream

We even saw them grace you with the honorary Pindi Boy Ambassador.

Source: Jeremy McLellan/Facebook


We loved you when you joked about and obsessed over Biryani


We even laughed with you at all the roasting you’ve been doing of the various (read: certain Mr. Sharif) politicians in Pakistan


We’ve celebrated Eid with you, Jeremy


And we’ve joyously enjoyed all the times you felt compelled to comment on us and tried to be one of us


But, dear Jeremy, we feel this is getting out of hand now


And it’s not just one person’s impression, mind you

There are others. They may be silent, they may be few but there are those who really care for your well-being and have, for a while, started to feel the cringe.


We do not mean to discount the times that you’ve spoken up against the mainstream narrative in your home country

And we’re extremely thankful for that.


But we’re not really sure if these photos you posted are meant in humor or what

They’re certainly not very well-edited, we have to say. And yes, we know you didn’t make these photos, you were probably sent them or tagged in them but still, c’mon, man.

Source: @De_Jiin / Twitter


So here’s something that we have to say to you: Jeremy, please don’t overdo it.

We love you for who you are. An American gora who believes in Pakistan and its people. We love you for bringing humor to us but your over-exposure will relegate you to the same category as Hamza Ali Abbasi who just has a comment for every single thing that happens in this country through his own warped lens. People definitely tune into his opinions because he always happens to have them but not really sure how much respect he’s sustained over the years for his consistent commentary.

We must clarify, your opinions aren’t trashy like Hamza’s (thankfully!) and we like that you’re more “woke” but our concern is that with you having an opinion on everything Pakistani is a little annoying (or a lot annoying, actually).

We don’t want you to become too annoying that people start trashing you. We also know that you have so much more to comment on (as your profiles show your commentary on your home country and the things happening across the world), so why not focus on the more general things and don’t find EVERY SINGLE thing happening in Pakistan worthy of your comments?


So take our sincere advice and try and not say whatever’s bubbling up in that admittedly funny brain of yours at every incident that happens in Pakistan.



Yours truly,

A Genuinely Concerned Admirer


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Cover image via: @De_Jiin

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