Salman Ahmed Just Made An Inappropriate Remark About Mastung Blast Victims & People Aren't Having It AT ALL

By Arslan Athar | 15 Jul, 2018

Yesterday Pakistan was jolted by the news of the deaths of 128 people in a blast at Mustang. The country had generally gone through a period of peace, however, the last few days have shaken that.

There was a lot of public grief and shock, especially on platforms such as Twitter. Among the voices to join the public mourning was that of Salman Ahmed.


However, his statement wasn’t appropriate, like at all!

In the face of such a horrific terror attack, people felt that he was glorifying death. 

Moreover, these people were simply at a rally. They weren’t fighting a fight, they were just practising their rights in a democratic process whereby they didn’t ‘sacrifice’ their lives, they were murdered, brutally and horrifically.

People on Twitter were really angry at his statement 

He really got to face the full brunt of people’s wrath 

His statement was just really uncalled for, and people couldn’t believe he actually said that

However, some people found the reason behind his tweeting activity 

Of course, there was mention of Imran Khan 

Some people called out his privilege 

Drugs were in the mix also 

Junoon fans were distraught and in shock 

Definitely. Agreed!

That being said, some people were pretty extreme in their reactions 

Why he sent this tweet out is beyond any reasoning and logic, tbh

You would think someone would LEARN after seeing all this hate.  There wasn’t just hate, some people really tried their best to explain things. But it was all for NOTHING!


Salman Ahmed tweeted again. Oh, and it’s worse 

So, just in case you didn’t know what song he was referring to, he links them in…TWICE

So, yeah. That happened!

What do you make of all this? Let us know in the comments!



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