Sonam Kapoor Said She Wants To Visit Pakistan And Her Fans Have Mixed Feelings About It

By Ramsha Bhatti | 14 Jul, 2018

After receiving flak left, right, and center, Bollywood celebrities can be said to have become extremely cautious of what they say about their fans from across the border. Rishi Kapoor and Swara Bhasker have already been dragged online for their unanticipated comments against Pakistan, which seriously pissed off their Pakistani fans. Sonam Kapoor, who had come to Swara’s defense following the commotion, has different views altogether.


Following the latest Instagram trend, Sonam Kapoor answered questions submitted by her devoted fans.

Everyone, on Instagram, is welcoming their fans to ask them questions to bridge the gap. It helps when you are a celebrity and a fashion icon like Sonam Kapoor. Following the bandwagon, Sonam hosted a Q&A session for her fans to get them to know more about her.


All sorts of questions were thrown in Sonam’s way, where one fan even asked her if she loved Muslims.

The question can come off as slightly out of context since it focuses on “Muslims” rather than Muslim fans. Can’t decipher the need for such questions, but oh well. We are glad that her answer was well-balanced.


She was questioned regarding her love for her Pakistani fans, and she did not disappoint us!

Sonam has expressed her love for Pakistan. She even wishes to hang out with her Pakistani fans, which came off as a source of joy to her fans from the country.

Source: Instagram/@sonamkapoor via

Her fans did not wait to miss out on the opportunity and began pouring their love for her on social media. Soon people started sharing what they felt about Sonam’s remarks.

Some couldn’t help but acknowledge her love for them.

While others welcomed her.

They declared their love for her.

However, many still refused to act hospitably

Other couldn’t help but call it a marketing gimmick.

While some had no interest in her at all

Whatever the case may be, we are glad that someone from the film fraternity expressed love for their Pakistan fans. How about letting us know if you would be welcoming Sonam if she finally makes the visit?


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