Rishi Kapoor's Dying Wish To Visit Pakistan Has Divided Fans From Both Sides Of The Border

By Iman Zia | 12 Nov, 2017

So, in quite the pleasant surprise, Rishi Kapoor tweeted that his dying wish was to visit Pakistan. This has come as a breath of fresh air, considering the actor has infamously become very renowned for poking fun at the motherland time and time again, be it his racist rant about cricket or fighting a Pakistani girl on social media. Rishi has built himself a rather questionable reputation, and his incessant need to throw controversial opinions around on his Twitter handle has time and time again divided fans.


This time, the actor took to Twitter to weigh in on the Kashmir dispute, before expressing a particular wish of his own…

In his tweet, Rishi stated that he “want[ed] to see Pakistan” before he died. He said that he was now “65 years old” and longed to show his children “their roots.” The actor hails from Peshawar and has a house there too.


The tweet garnered mixed emotions



A few Indians poked fun at Pakistan



…And the actor himself too


Fans advised the actor to move to Pakistan after reading the tweet



And a few Pakistanis embraced Rishi’s possible future visit to the country


Some suggested the actor stay away from such controversial topics




While others took a slight dig at his son Ranbir in the process


And amidst it all there were a few who respectfully agreed with the actor, expressing similar sentiments



A few opinions surfaced on merging together both countries to pre-partition once more


What are your thoughts on Rishi visiting Pakistan?

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