Rishi Kapoor Just Crossed A Line With His Really Racist Rant And Pakistanis Are MAD AF

By Iman Zia | 16 Jun, 2017

Rishi Kapoor just won’t quit, and frankly people are getting rather concerned at all the brash statements he’s so prone to making. His anti-Pakistan comments drip off his tongue all too often these days, and what better window of opportunity to pluck than the topic of conversation around Pakistan and India’s ultimate face-off at the ICC Champions Trophy Final.


He’s put his foot in his mouth so many times, everyone’s kind of lost count

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Talking about taking petty to an all-time high, Rishi Kapoor tweeted a rather low-blow kinda statement about the highly anticipated Pakistan versus India match


He went on to jab Pakistanis about their lack of English speaking skills


And then oddly enough went off on a tangent, indirectly labelling Pakistan as harboring terrorism


And he’s come under a lot of fire


While forgetting that his own government has had quite a questionable past themselves…


Many reminded Rishi that he has Peshawar blood in him


And people were disappointed in such a well respected member of the Indian fraternity to be so offensive.


Rishi’s comments only spurred Pakistaniyon ki jazbaati even more.


And reminded him that it was Pakistan who reached the final first.


Stats are always important in debates like this (take note Abba)


However some just wanted nothing more than for fans on both sides of the border to get alike and be somewhat civil.


While most were livid, there were some who were disappointed that someone they watched so ardently would say such things.


Twitter wasn’t the only platform in a whirlwind, with some pointing out Rishi living in Amitabh Bachchan’s shadow,

Via Social Express News/Facebook


And others urging people not to stoop to his level and ignore him.

Via Social Express News/Facebook


But still others couldn’t resist recycle his words and bat out a comeback.

Via Social Express News/Facebook


What do you think about Rishi’s statements?



Cover image via: indiawest.com

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