Rishi Kapoor Just Got Schooled By A Pakistani Girl On Twitter And He's Pissed About It

By Biya Haq | 11 Apr, 2017

IndoPak relations have been pretty shaky for quite some time now (throwback to 1947), and there’s always something or the other getting in the way of establishing peace between the two countries. And if politics weren’t enough, it seems as though the entertainment industry is getting their jabs in too.

The fight has come to Twitter as well-known Bollywood actor Rishi Kapoor was reported being at the end of some scathing remarks when a twitter user called him out for being ‘fucking ignorant’ regarding a remark on India-Pakistan relations.


And Rishi’s interaction with the girl’s just as crazy as it sounds

Via: Twitter


This interaction was caught online by the Indian press and in no time (thanks to the wonderful world of the internet), the news spread like wild fire.

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Via: Twitter


There‘ Really Rishi? You had to pull the country card, didn’t you?

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Fariha reportedly made her tweets unavailable and, of course, being the respectful and mature man he is, Kapoor did not hesitate to point it out.

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We have to say, that Arysha girl did actually cross a line, there.


But Fariha, on the other hand, has a different story to tell


No shame in this game ladies and gentleman, no shame.

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Kapoor has developed a reputation on social media by being known to be ‘politically incorrect’ on Twitter even towards women. So this spat may not have been much of a surprise but what was GREAT to see, however, was someone finally pushing back.

Since when is it okay for professional actors (or ANY public figure for that matter), with a respected body of work, to pick fights with random young women on social media and on top of that, comment on their ‘language,’ ‘morality’ and parents?

Sure, she’ll ‘mind her language,’ as soon as you start to mind yours. Twitter is a powerful platform, especially if you’re an international star with the ability to affect the minds of millions with a mere 140 characters. Making such a bold accusation on a global platform for everyone to be influenced by? Not cool Rishi sahab, not cool.

Let’s leave the heavy topics off the Internet, what say Mr. Kapoor? Especially if you’re going to get bestiofied by a Pakistani girl with ‘language’ issues.

Via: Deenga


Cover image: Keshav Singh/Hindustan Times via Getty Images

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