15 Times Your Life Made You Say ‘Go Nawaz Go' All In One Day

By Sarah Babar | 10 Apr, 2017

You know the times when life tries bringing you down and the whole day is just one giant series of unfortunate events? When nothing seems to go right, and you spill chai on your freshly cleaned shirt riiiight before leaving the house, going to work that you’re already late for? And with everything else that goes wrong in the country, you blame this on Nawaz Sharif, too, and start screaming ‘Go Nawaz Go’.  Yepppp, I’m talking about those days.

So what really happens in the course of the day that makes you rip all your hair out? I’ll tell you, because with my beautiful luck, this is a pretty regular day for me.

1. When you miss your alarm and don’t wake up on time

Source: gonawazgo.com


2. When there’s no water in the water tank so you have to forego the shower

Source: pakpassion.net


3. When your car just won’t start

Source: Tribune


4. When you forget your laptop and you have to go back, all the way to get it

Source: gonawaazgo.blogspot.com


5. When every ishara you come across is red

Source: siasat.pk


6. When your boss arrives before you for the first time

Source: Twitter/maniqureshi


7. When you forget to bring food and are too broke to order

Source: News247


8. When you forget your laptop’s charger at home

Source: PakInside


9. When you’re piled with work as soon as it’s chutti time

Source: Pinterest


10. When your car refuses to start on the way back, either

Source: Samaa


11. When you reach home and realise you’ve forgotten the dhaniya your mom asked you to bring on your way

Source: siasat.pk


12. When you realize you’ve also forgotten to buy cigarettes before coming back home

Source: siasat.pk


13. When you finally get food and as soon as you dig into your biryani, you bite into an ilaichi

Source: The Nation


14. When the bijli goes as soon as you get comfy in bed

Source: Pak Funny


15. When the alarm rings two minutes after you finally start to fall asleep.

Source: Pakistan Today


Good morning.

Cover image via: tribune.com.pk

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