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Here’s How Pakistanis Reacted To 128 People Being Brutally Massacred In Mastung, Balochistan

Here’s How Pakistanis Reacted To 128 People Being Brutally Massacred In Mastung, Balochistan

Mastung, Balochistan suffered one of the deadliest attacks that the country has seen in recent years as 128 people died and over 200 are injured following a deadly suicide explosion that hit an election gathering in the Darengarh area of Mastung on Friday. As per reports, more than 1000 people were attending the rally and the amount of explosive used on the innocent Pakistani lives is estimated at 16 to 20 kilograms.


The Masting attack has been the deadliest that the province of Balochistan has seen in recent years

Source: @YusraSAskari / Twitter

Nawabzada Siraj Raisani, Balochistan Awami Party (BAP) candidate for a Provincial Assembly seat was among those who lost their lives in the deadly bomb blast. The banned Tehreek-Taliban Pakistan’s ‘Ghazi force Lal Masjid’ wing in a WhatApp massage has claimed responsibility for the suicide attack, according to Emergency has been declared in hospitals in and around Quetta.


Here’s how Pakistanis reacted to the deadly terror attack that took hundreds of lives in Balochistan


People were saddened for the innocent lives of the people of Balochistan


They were demanding justice for the innocent people who have to suffer everyday and live in fear because of terrorism that is supposed to have been controlled


There were calls for protection and care for the lives of everyday Pakistanis


And people were appreciating the heroes who laid their lives for their country, in Balochistan


Large crowds were gathering to demand answers for the failure on the state and security forces’ part to protect the lives of its citizens


There were a bunch of annoying voices who just wanted to distract from the very important incident


Such concern and empathy from the people of Pakistan over a large number of lives being ruthlessly taken away is heartwarming to say the least. Gives you such high hopes for the future of this country, doesn’t it?


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Cover image via: @YusraSAskari / Twitter

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