Did Reham Khan Just Fall For This Fake News About Lahore Rally Waiting For Nawaz Sharif's Return?

By Sarmad Amer | 14 Jul, 2018

Nawaz Sharif’s return was a momentous occasion yesterday. Whatever side you were on, politically, seeing one of the country’s most high profile politician return from abroad to face conviction and jail is a historic moment that probably hasn’t ever happened in Pakistan, like this before.

Regardless, what a night it was, last night, eh?


Everyone was eagerly anticipating the events post Nawaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz’s return


There was a lot of speculation and conspiracy theories were aplenty


People were sharing videos of how despite containers and blockages supporters of the Sharifs were reaching Lahore in droves to “welcome” them

Lahore’s cell phone services were blocked and entry/exit points blocked or manned by security personnel to avoid public gatherings and any sort of security situation that may occur as a result.


One such speculative comment was made by Reham Khan who herself has been a part of headlines because of her recently released autobiography that illustrates her life, particularly her relationship with former husband, Imran Khan


Unfortunately, the video that Ms. Khan shared was not of Lahore or supporters of Nawaz Sharif arriving in the city for his support

And the original poster was quick to point that out.


The video is, in fact, of thousands of people marching in London to protest US President Donald Trump’s first visit to the UK

Interestingly, this incident was happening at the same time as the return of Nawaz Sharif and his daughter from the UK and the energy around the world was reverberating with politically charged people.


People began calling Reham out for falling for fake news

Coincidentally, this term has been popularized by Donald Trump calling out news media that he allegedly didn’t agree with.


And there were more conspiracy theories, this time about the intention behind the tweet


So, did Reham Khan really fall for fake news?

Apparently she did not. She tweeted  to one person calling her out and stated that she was in fact being sarcastic when she made her comment.


So there you have it, whether you believe she was being sarcastic from the start or whether she was covering it up after realizing the truth when people started calling her out, Reham Khan has clarified her stance on the tweet.


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