Jeremy McLellan Is Now The Ambassador Of Pindi Boys And Dil Jeet Liya Yaar

By Momina Mindeel | 25 Aug, 2017

The infamous American turned desi comedian and honorary Pakistan is back again. Jeremy McLellan has already won thousands of Pakistani hearts with his precise wit and sarcasm. He was all over our social media news feeds, WhatsApp groups and duh, our hearts.


He roamed around the streets with all them Pindi Boyz.

Source: Jeremy McLellan/Facebook

And trained spy pigeons for our friends border ke uss paar:

He was seen rallying around the country too after his ‘disqualification’ 

(I can see some exceptional political satire here but oh well!)

Source: Jeremy McLellan/Facebook

Lol yaar, too good.


And he threw in some donkey meat jokes as well kyunkay…banta hai.

While leaving, Jeremy got very emotional and as did all his friends in Pakistan. However, it doesn’t look like Jeremy’s treasure trove of stories and love affair with Pakistani is ending anytime soon.

Earlier today, Jeremy updated his Twitter Bio and it was pretty damn cool.

His current bio reads, “Standup Comic, liberty bhakt, biryani extremist, alleged member of the Muslim Cousinhood, US ambassador to the Pindi Boyz, spy pigeon trainer”


Us, rn:


As expected, everyone is having a good laugh about this 

Bengalis felt a little left out so they chimed in too

As did Indians

Some precious suggestions were thrown in too

And there was just a lot of love in the air 

Source: Jeremy McLellan/Facebook

Needless to say, Jeremy has succeeded in winning the hearts of thousands of Pakistanis and looks like he isn’t stopping anytime soon. We’re just so glad.

Hey man, keep up the good work!

Cover Image Via: Jeremy McLellan/Facebook

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