Junaid Jamshed’s Son Just Recited This Beautiful Naat As A Tribute To His Father

Junaid Jamshed’s Son Just Recited This Beautiful Naat As A Tribute To His Father

It has been only a few weeks since the terribly taxing day when the nation collectively mourned the loss of lives in PK 661. While many families were torn apart because of that ill-fated flight, Junaid Jamshed‘s death was one that was felt by everyone. For many, Junaid Jamshed represented the coming of age pop era in the 90’s with the days of Dil Dil Pakistan and Sanwali Saloni Si Mehbooba with the unparalleled rise of Vital Signs as the country’s famed musical trio. To others who held him close, his transformation to a man of God held more regard. No matter how people chose to remember Junaid Jamshed and pay their respects, the pain and hurt remained uniform.

Amongst the many voices that came together to pay their tributes to the late singer and maulana sahib, the ones from his family continue to be the most heart-breaking. Junaid’s elder son Taimur penned down a powerful tribute to his father claiming he prayed for shahadat quite often.


Junaid Jamshed’s second eldest son Babar posted a video of himself reciting the very popular naatIlahi Teri Chokhat Per Bhikari Ban Ker Aya Hoon

Junaid Jamshed's son Babar Jamshed
Screengrab: Junaid Jamshed Official Via: Facebook

The naat has been a part of Junaid Jamshed’s much-celebrated recitations and was recorded back in 2009.

The recitation opens with a poetic verse, rendered even better by Junaid’s deeply moving voice:

Zahir ki ankh se na tamasha kare koi,
Ho dekhna to deeda-e-dil wah kare koi,
Parh bethay kiya samajh ker bhala toor per kaleem
Takkat ho deed ki to taqaza kare koi


It is common knowledge that Junaid Jamshed shared an especially close relationship with all his children and Babar was no exception.

Junaid Jamshed with family
Source: Facebook


Here’s a photo of the two of them taken at Bradford, England.

Junaid Jamshed's son Babar Jamshed
Source: Hamariweb

Judging from his voice that is on the verge of quivering, Babar is on an overhaul of emotions during the recitation. The video has since been viewed 458,000 times garnering equally staggering likes and comments.


People have been chiming in with messages of support in this time of immense grief for Babar and his family:

Screengrab: Junaid Jamshed Official Via: Facebook


Listen to Babar Junaid Jamshed’s recitation here:

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