Here’s Everyone, Other Than Junaid Jamshed, Who Died In The PK 661 Crash

Here’s Everyone, Other Than Junaid Jamshed, Who Died In The PK 661 Crash

One week ago, 47 innocent lives were perished in the tragic crash of flight PK 661. The bodies of the deceased were so difficult to identify that DNA testing had to be done.


Junaid Jamshed, the singer-turned-preacher, who was part of the flight was laid to rest earlier today in Karachi after a huge funeral prayer gathering.

Source: Dunya TV


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This is in remembrance of all the victims, other than Junaid Jamshed, of PK 661 crash. No one survived the crash making it a loss of 47 lives as the aircraft crashed at 4:42 pm on December 7th, 2016.

Salehyar Janjua (Flight Captain)

Chitral Pakistan

A video posted by Mohammed Salehyar Janjua (@salehyarjanjua) on


A father to four beautiful girls, Captain Saleh had a knack for making amateur time-lapse videos documenting his all his flying expeditions. A patriot in the truest sense of the word, Janjua posted videos of regularly on his YouTube channel and Instagram gallery. He leaves behind 146 videos of northern Pakistan shot from the cockpit. Four of his time-lapse videos to and from Chitral were posted a week before the ill-fated flight.

Amazing Pakistan 'Chitral to Islamabad '.

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His last words were “Mayday”.

Ahmed Mansoor Janjua (First officer)

Source: @Footballpak Via: Twitter

The 24-year-old  is remembered as a fun-loving and caring soul who loved to cook.

“The other day he made Karhai Gosht and invited me over to his house. It was delicious. Now, he’s no more”, said a neighbor.

Apart from flying for the Pakistan International Airline, he was a budding footballer registered with District Football Association in Karachi. He is mourned by his widow, mother, five sisters and a brother.

Asma Adil (Air Hostess)

Source: Express Tribune

Asma’s father in law recounted how he called her but there was no reply. After fifteen minutes, he got her message in reply saying ‘Thank you Abbu!”

She has a son and a daughter who is six months old.

Sadaf Farooq (Air Hostess)

Source: Express Tribune

Sadaf Farooq hailed from Kallar Syedan in Punjab. She had eight years of service at PIA to her credit.

Farhad Aziz

A teacher at the Langlands School and College in Chitral, Farhad is one of the pioneer of para-gliding in Chitral. Remembered as a great teacher and as humble as anyone could be.

He traveling with his daughter Taiba Aziz, who also lost her life in the crash of Pk 661.

Taiba Aziz

Source: Facebook

 Nisar Ud Din

Source: Twitter

Nisar Uddin hailed from Hunza and was an employee of Bank Alfalah.

Noman Shafique

Source: Aqeel Shahzad Via: Facebook

He belonged to Dina and spent his school days in APS Jehlum. He graduated with a degree in engineering from COMSATS University of Science and Technology in Islamabad. A lot of his friends took to social media to express their grief, many stating he was a jolly young man.

Abid Qaiser Khalil

Source: Waseem Zaman Yousafzai Via: Facebook

Retired Project Director (GSC) at Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO) . He was currently the project manager for Netracon Technologies.

Remembered as a thorough gentleman, full of grace.

“He was dedicated officer towards his professional assignments and humble personality for his colleagues and subordinates”.

Ahtiram Ul Haq

A student of MPA final year at the University of Karachi, Ahtiram was remembered fondly by an instructor as a great student and a proud member of PSF and PPP.

Akhtar Mehmood Qureshi

Source: 24 News

A resident of Mianwali, Akhtar was a father of five and was in Chitral for business purposes.

Muhammad Khalid Maqsood

Source: Geo Tv

Hailing from the town of Abdullahpur in Faisalabad, 70-year-old Khalid Maqsood had been in Chitral for ten days. His family received a text message from him at the airport before boarding the plane.

Shamshad Begum

Source: Geo Tv

Shamshad had gone to Chitral for passport renewal purposes. She spoke to her son and daughter-in-law prior to her flight in what became the last call she ever made.

Taimoor Arshad

Source: Geo Tv

An engineer from Mandi Bahauddin based in Abbottabad, Taimoor had gone to Chitral for leisure.

He was set to be married in fifteen days.

Three engineers from “Andritz Hydro”, working on the Golen Gol Hydro Power project in Chitral

Han Qiang (Chinese)

Source: Times of Chitral Via: Facebook

Harald Kessler and Herwig Eichelbenger (Austrian)

Project managers for the Golen Gol Project in Chitral.

Osama Ahmad Warraich

Source: Twitter

DCO Chitral Osama Warraich, his wife Amna & nine-months daughter Mahrukh lost their lives in the PK 661 crash.

Titled a champion for Chitral’s welfare, Osama was very vocal about rehabilitating the 200-bed Civil Hospital Chitral in order to save the residents from a tedious trip to Peshawar and Islamabad.

He also felt strongly about affordable training to students:

Described as joie de vivre personified.

His affiliation, support, and contributions to Edhi Trust, Shehzad Roy’s Zindagi Trust, Jibran Nasir with Elaj Trust and Karachi Relief Trust will live on as memoirs of his unfaltering belief in the power of charity work.

Nahya Jamshed

Wife Nahya Junaid had accompanied Junaid Jamshed for a Tablighi Jamaat mission in Chitral and was en route Islamabad where Junaid was set to deliver the friday sermon at the Parliament mosque.

Haji Takbeer

He was on a business trip to Islamabad in PK 661 but never made it. His relatives mourned his death at his Bakarabad residence.

Amir Shoukat

A resident of Samundri, Faisalabad, was also part of the flight that never made it. No other details related to him have surfaced yet.

Commander Samiullah

The AFS belonged to Dera Ghazi Khan and was recently transferred to Islamabad. Leaving behind parents, six brothers and a sister, Samiullah was the air guard for the flight PK 661.

Other victims include:

Ahsan SS


Akbar Ali

Asim Waqas

Ateeq Muhammad

Farah Naz

Farhan Ali Qadri

Gohar Ali

Gul Norani

Haji Nawaz

Hassan Ali

Mehmood Atud

Mirza Gul

Farhan Ali

Muhammad Ali Khan

Muhammad Khan

Muhammad Khawar

Rani Mehreen

Salman Zainulabidin

Samina Gul

Umara Khan

Zahida Perveen


Edit: An earlier version stated that Farhan Ali Qadri, the naat khwaan, was among the passengers who passed away. It was another Mr. Farhan Ali Qadri.

Note: We are in the process of finding details for all passengers and will update this list as we gather them. If you would like to share photographs or details of any passengers, please contact us.

Cover image: Faisal Mahmood / Reuters

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