Juggun Kazim Just Opened Up About Having Another Miscarriage And It's Heartbreaking

By Rameeza Ahmad | 3 Sep, 2019

Juggun Kazim shared about her miscarriage and how people treated her.

Juggun Kazim has been a pretty honest celebrity. She’s shared details from her personal life at various moments in her career and during various interviews. She’s kept herself open to people about her divorce, raising her son as a single parent, about finding love again and getting married and about her struggle with weight. This is why when she shared a heartbreaking news recently, everyone came to her support.


Actress and morning show host Juggun Kazim just opened up about how she had recently gained a lot of weight since she was pregnant

She starts with telling everyone that up until a few days ago, she had been pregnant and keeping the news under wraps since her pregnancies tend to be precarious hence she doesn’t like disclosing them until she is sure.

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Unfortunately, Juggun Kazim had a miscarriage recently and her doctors informed her that she had suffered considerable amount of internal bleeding

Even with that news, she only took one day off and got back to work the next day.

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But what she wanted to focus on was how she had been treated by other people since she had become pregnant.


During the pregnancy, Juggun suddenly gained a lot of weight and immediately people fat shamed her

She shared how people started commenting on how ‘healthy’ she had become. She heard comments like, ‘lagta hai Lahore ki hawaa laag gaye tumhain’, among other comments directed towards her to fat shame her.

She made a request to everyone to stop fat shaming people since the person themselves was very aware of how their body looked or how much weight they had gained. She went on to add that unless you were the person’s mother or sister and genuinely meant to encourage a healthy lifestyle for them, you had no right to pass mean spirited comments.

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A humble request!!! Until a few days ago, I was pregnant. For some reason, I gained a lot of weight really really quickly. What shocked me was how much I started getting fat shamed. One lady said "lagta hai Lahore ki hawa laag gaye tumhain". Other women just told me bluntly that I had become a bit too “healthy.” Till now, I wasn't ready to share that I was expecting a baby because my pregnancies have generally been precarious. Last week I had a miscarriage. My doctor has now told me that this time it was quite serious and that there had been a lot of internal bleeding. I took a day off to mourn but then went back to work because, well, what else does one do? And the day after I resumed work, somebody again commented on how I was looking “extra healthy.” We need to stop fat shaming other people. People who are overweight know they are overweight. Their weight gain may be for any number of reasons, some desirable and some not. Yes, some people need to be encouraged to lead a more active lifestyle. But unless you are somebody’s mother or sister, don’t tell them what you think of their body. Life is short. Let’s try and live ours with kindness.

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Because a persons weight is their business and it might be due to a myriad of reasons. Like Juggun’s was because of her pregnancy which she could not disclose to others yet was made to feel ashamed of how she looked as a result of it.

After she had unfortunately miscarried the baby and went back to work, she was fat shamed yet again by somebody who told her she looked ‘extra healthy’. What an insensitive comment to make regarding someone going through so much.


A lot of women related to being shamed during their pregnancies, the same as what Juggun was saying

Source: @juggunkazim/ Instagram
Source: @juggunkazim/ Instagram


This is not the first time Juggun has shared about surviving a miscarriage

Back in January 2019 the actress opened up about her dark experience with a miscarriage and how society perceived her experience.

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It’s 2019 and it’s about time people learn to stop passing insensitive remarks about someone’s weight or lifestyle choices. Let’s show a little empathy.

What do you think about Juggun Kazim opening up about her miscarriage and asking people to be more positive and refrain from pass comments on other peoples weight? Let us know in the comments below.


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