It's Jeremy McLellan's Birthday Today, And The Saalgirah Mubarak Wishes Are Pouring In

By Sajeer Shaikh | 15 Sep, 2017

By now, we all know who Jeremy McLellan is.

Via Facebook

He used his jokes to pave a path into our country…

Via Facebook

embraced our culture wholeheartedly…

Via Facebook

…and opened his heart to all we hold dear.

Via Facebook

He’s everyone’s favorite Pindi boy

Via Facebook

And he wants you to know it’s his birthday.

In the most almost-desi Jeremy McLellan way, of course.

Via Facebook

So here’s the funny bit – Jeremy’s been getting a whole lotta love on his birthday (and otherwise) from his Pakistani fans.

It’s his non-Pakistani fans that are kinda sorta not giving him the love he wishes to receive.

In fact, Jeremy bhai pointed it out himself

Khair, jo bhi ho, our desi folks are still hopping in to wish him on his big day.

In fact, the wishes are pouring in.

People are sending him prayers and hoping he gets his biryani fix back home.

And the wishes showed that people still love their boy, Jeremy.

People obviously also incorporated the Pindi boy angle to wish him

Because, duh.

Some people had complaints about why his birthday wasn’t up on Google

I mean, maybe Google doesn’t love him as much as we do.

But overall, people showered our “dilon ke Wazeer-e-Azam” with love through their messages.

It’s kinda cute that Pakistanis are still so full of appreciation for Jeremy. We wish him a very Happy Birthday as well and hope he’s having a great laugh with all the people he tries to entertain.

Do you have any birthday wishes to send his way? Leave them in the comments below.

Cover image: Jeremy McLellan Comedy/Facebook

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