18 Times You Could Trust The Internet More Than Your Bae

By MangoBaaz Studio | 15 Sep, 2017

Let’s be real, in today’s day and age, there are only a few connections you can depend on and one of the strongest ones you could ever have? Your Internet connection. Haan haan, you might think we’re joking but no friends, you know it’s true.

The convenience of a good Internet connection is sometimes lost on us because we don’t realise how it makes our lives, well WORK. Ufone’s new Super Internet is one of the best connections out there and we can’t help but tear up over how important it’s love has been for us. Haye, love you.

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SOoOoOo, just to prove our point about amazing it is, we thought we’d create this list. These are just some of the times the Internet has saved everyones lives:

1. Trying to remember a friends’ birthday

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Uff, being able to look up when your friends birthdays are without having to awkwardly ask them? Life saving to the highest degree.

2. Trying to remember a friends’ name when you’re talking to them

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So you’re talking to someone for HOURS and you don’t know their name? Kabhi kabhi ho jaata hai yaaar, no shame (thori sii shame). It’s all good, Internet’s got your back.

3. Stalking your crush

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Okay this is honestly such a necessary thing, don’t know how people had crushes without the Internet. You never know when you can fall in love and having Super Internet as a constant companion, you’ll always be able to stalk the ones you love <3.

4. Making sure you and your crush are compatible

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You obviously have to be able to check your crush’s horoscope to make sure they are having a good day and to make sure that you both are astronomically compatible. I mean, obviously.

5. Making sure your crush isn’t talking to other people

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Bae may not know you exist, but bae also better not be liking anyone else’s pictures and Facebook statuses.

6. Ordering food

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Ufffff, being able to just go online and order food to your gate? Haye, Internet zindabad.

7. Not looking dumb lol

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With a flick of the wrist, you can know everything everyone is talking about. Everything from breaking news to the latest shows and celebrity gossip. No such thing as FOMO anymore ~


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Being able to lay around in bed with nothing but your phone as company for hours and hours? With Super Internet around, that basically describes most of our versions of heaven.

9. Calming you down if you’re freaking out

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Getting a cold and thinking you’re going to die from it is basically what happens when any of us get sick. SO, having the Internet around to talk us out of our craziness is v convenient.

10. Actually saving lives

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Googling what to do in a real panic situation has quite literally saved a number of lives. Internet for president 2017.

11. Cramming in school

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Staying up late night at night trying to cram essays and meet deadlines, the Internet was always our best study buddy.

12. Who are we kidding, GETTING US THROUGH school

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Lolsy, let’s be real, the Internet was the reason most of us got our degrees. Alhamdulillah. 

13. Getting us through work

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Tumblr, we love you.

14. Giving us company when we’re feeling awk at a party

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There’s nothing worse than standing around awkwardly at a party with no one to talk to and nothing to do. Which is why the Internet is always there to save the day. Facebook, Insta, Snapchat – the world is your browser friend, enjoy karo.

15. Calling a taxi when said party gets boring

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Hi driver, love you.

16. Learning to cook so mama can’t yell at you anymore

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Look out world, there’s a new chef in town with a special dish called ‘The Internet’ ~

17. Keeping you in touch with your family and friends

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It doesn’t matter where you live in the world, you can always have your family by your side with the help of the Internet. If you’re ever homesick, the Internet will always be there to connect you with ones you love.

18. Making your own world a better place to hang around in

Source: MangoBaaz

Everything from cat videos to global news, the Internet has changed our lives forever and well, we wouldn’t be here without it so LOVE YOU.

Is the Internet your bae? Is your connection strong? Is it weak? Don’t worry we can help out with that. When has the Internet saved your life? Let us know in the comments below! Love you.

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