Jannat Mirza Has Mixed Thoughts On The TikTok Ban In Pakistan

By Janita Tahir | 10 Oct, 2020

Recently, the government announced a TikTok ban, in an effort to regulate internet content, that was met with different reactions. A lot of jokes were directed at TikTok star Jannat Mirza, who recently hit 10 million followers on TikTok, but was met with the TikTok ban.

Jannat Mirza now has mixed thoughts about the TikTok ban

In a recent interview with City 41, she stated that she understands the need for the measures taken, but she doesn’t support the permanence of the TikTok ban.

ٹک ٹاک پاکستان میں بند ہونے پر جنت مرزا کا سٹی فورٹی ون سے جاپان سے وڈیو کال کے ذریعے اظہار رائے جنت مرزا نے آج ہی کے دن ایک کروڑ فالوورز بنائے کے ٹک ٹاک بین ہو گیا جنت مرزا کا کیا کہنا ہے ملاحظہ کریں

Gepostet von Hanan bukhari am Freitag, 9. Oktober 2020

Jannat Mirza said banning Tiktok was a good step

When asked about her feelings regarding the ban on Tiktok, Jannat first explained how she was in Japan when she first received a call that let her know of the ban. She said it was a good step because, for the past few days, there was a lot of indecent behavior on the site.

People were hurling insults at each other and being extremely disrespectful. Thus, she appreciated the idea of a temporary ban in the hopes that inappropriate behavior like this will be curbed.

Jannat Mirza has mixed feelings about the Tiktok ban
Image Via: Facebook.com

She said there is a need for rules and regulations on TikTok

Jannat stated that when the ban on TikTok gets removed, the platform should be made accessible with rules and regulations in place. She says strict SOPs should be followed to ensure there is no vulgar and inappropriate behavior on the site.

Jannat Mirza speaks about the Tiktok ban
Image Via: Facebook.com

Jannat Mirza also opposed the permanent ban of the app

While she supported the temporary ban, she also said that if the ban was permanent, that’s not appropriate at all. That’s because many rising artists used the platform to fulfill their dreams, sharing their talent with the world, and have had new opportunities open up for them through this. She said she encourages that TikTok to be live again once matters have settled and SOPs are put in place.

Jannat Mirza opens up about Tiktok ban
Image Via: Facebook.com


What do you think about Jannat Mirza’s response? Do you think the ban on Tiktok should be temporary or permanent? Let us know in the comments.


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Cover Image Via: Facebook.com/City41

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