18 of the Quickest Ways to Irritate Anyone in Pakistan

By Sarmad Amer | 17 Apr, 2016

For anyone who’s looking to be mischievous, you don’t have to wait for April 1 to pull off a prank on someone and irritate the shit out of them. Add on top of that, if you’re victim is someone who easily gets irritated and reacts it kind of is fun to watch them, isn’t it?

Well, here are some of the quickest ways to irritate someone. Beware, irritate responsibly and know when fun is turning serious:


1. If you’re a teacher and want to irritate your students


2. If you want to irritate your husband or boyfriend


3. If you want to irritate your lazy sibling to get off the sofa


4. You can also irritate someone in Urdu


5. In more ways than one, actually


6. If you’re looking to irritate any self respecting woman


7. When you invite friends over for dinner


8. If you’re looking to go from irritation to MAJOR freak out in 2 seconds


9. When you’re looking to friendzone and irritate that guy friend at the same time


10. When you want to do more than just irritate


11. When you want to irritate ghairat-mand Pakistani men


12. When you’re talking to someone on Tinder


13. When you’re an Abba and want to irritate your kids


14. If you’re an auntie and you want to irritate every young person at the next shaadi you go to

Also possible alternative: “beta, you are next”


15. If you like to serve your irritation with a side of desi complex


16. When you’re a computer and want to irritate your user while they set a new password


17. When you’re irritating someone who isn’t thin


And finally…


18. If you want to irritate anyone ever in 2016


What’s your idea on the quickest way to irritate someone?

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