These 13 People Are Extremely Upset About You Getting Their Names Wrong

These 13 People Are Extremely Upset About You Getting Their Names Wrong

We’ve all been there: Teachers pronouncing our names all wrong during attendance, invitation cards messing up our marital statuses (I’ve been Mrs. Paracha way too many times), McDonald’s order receipt missing out an ‘A’ here, an “I” there. Sometimes, you correct them at the registration desk and they don’t seem to care at all. How can you be so nonchalant about my existence, my reason for breathing, my identity? Have you no shame?

Something similar sprung up on Twitter recently, with one girl who’s just had ENOUGH of the shenanigan.


It all started with:


This was close to home for many victims of the said injustice, each one chiming in the conversation thread:

1. “Hate” being a strong operative word here.


2. Detestation.


3. Distaste.


4. Immense displeasure.


5. Abhorrence.


6. Resentment.




8. So not cool, man.


9. That one creepy dude.


10. Aversion.


11. Wannabe millionaires also hopped on the bandwagon.


12. And the bitterness parade continues…


13. But if you’re going to spell your name that way, can you blame them?  🙈 🙈 🙈


Then again, there’s always that one person who’s sexy and he damn well knows it.


If, by luck or design, you have a name that no one can go wrong with, here’s a gold star for your parents.  🌟


To the rest of you who aren’t mindful of other peoples’ names and crush their feelings on a regular basis: Don’t do it, man. It hurts. It really does.


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