Indians Want To Boycott McDonald's After Finding Out They Serve Halal Meat

By Sannia Bilal | 24 Aug, 2019

Indians are rallying to boycott McDonald’s after finding out they serve halal meat.

Since the India-Pakistan conflict is at an all-time high, Indians have been fighting against anything that concerns Muslims from a broader perspective. Consequently, there is a Halal vs Jhatka discordance that has been taking its toll. For those of you who’re wondering what Jhatka means, this term is used for the slaughter of an animal in a single strike of a sword, as opposed to slow slaughter.

Previously, they complained about an Indian food delivery app, Zomato, when a Hindu user showed his resentment for receiving his order by a Muslim delivery boy. This time around, they’re attacking McDonald’s for serving Halal meat.

It all started when a girl pitched a question to McDonald’s India, asking if their meat is Halal or not. 


To which, McDonald’s India responded that the meat used by them is HACCP certified …


And is in fact, Halal.

And then, within the blink of an eye, a new conflict was born. Fun fact: McDonald’s has been serving India since 1996

So yeah, as soon as McDonald’s India stepped forth with their response, a wave of controversy blew through Twitter which led to the hashtag #BoycottMcdonalds to shoot right on top of the trending list within a matter of hours.

They conveniently highlighted the affiliation of Halal with “Terrorism”.


And stated that a trademark that cannot respect the sentiments of the larger community deserves to be banned.

Some said that slow slaughter is a form of cruelty

And they certainly have had enough.

Even the ones who’ve been loving the food chain for years asked for an apology from McDonald’s India.

Should McDonald’s have different options for all religions?

They felt betrayed.

And stated that it is a crime.

Then, Pakistanis stepped in and concluded that India is one of the largest global beef exporters.

It was also put forth that since India is reacting to a food brand serving Halal meat, it can never be easy for Muslims to reside in.

And stated that the Halal way is in fact not cruel

Some said that since Indians have a problem with Halal products, they might also consider boycotting water, fruits, and vegetables.

Others, of course, came in with some jokes.

What do you think about the boycott? Have anything to add? Let us know in the comments below.


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