Indians Are Asking Modi For Answers After US Debunked Abhinandan's Claims Of Taking Down Pakistani F-16

By Rameeza Ahmad | 5 Apr, 2019

Abhinandan can’t catch a break…


Even though it has been over a month since the Abhinandan fiasco went down, India and Pakistan still seem fixated on the incident. Both countries were at the brink of war and the propaganda on both sides was rife. But now that the dust is settled, a more accurate picture seems to be forming.


Now it’s been officially confirmed that Abhinandan, and India’s claims, of shooting down Pakistan’s F-16 are FAKE

According to reports, US defense officials who have direct information regarding the matter have stated that all of Pakistan’s F-16s are accounted for. This is a direct contradiction of the narrative that existed from the Indian side, claiming that before his own plane went down, Abhinandan took down an F-16.



Of course, Pakistanis are having a field day with this information. Even Bilawal Bhutto took a shot.


And Indians are so furious that they’ve turned against Abhinandan and are asking why he lied and if he indeed did li he should be court martialed for it.


Some are questioning why Modi is staying silent on the matter since he also endorsed Abhinandan’s claims of downing a Pakistani F-16.

The entire situation is incredibly sketchy and raises quite a few questions.


Some Indians are still in denial and are reminding the world that America is not the only country Pakistan purchased F-16s from.

With Indian elections just days away, this could prove to be a problem for Modi and all of BJP. A lot of people speculated the aggression against Pakistan was mostly motivated by the upcoming general elections in India. A lot of people believed India’s warmongering with Pakistan was a tactic being used by BJP to secure votes in the upcoming election.

What do you think about this entire situation? Let us know in the comments below.



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