The US Just Confirmed That India Did Not In Fact Take Down Our F-16 And Pakistanis Are Celebrating

By Biya Haq | 5 Apr, 2019

According to US calculations…

As you may remember, February of this year was a pretty heavy month for Pakistan and India.


Tensions between both countries hadn’t been this high in decades and following an attack, a captured Indian Air Force pilot and a balloon blown up by a $50 million dollar missile, it seemed as though things finally calmed down.

But of course, this is real life.

In February, when the Balakot attack occurred and India and Pakistan were thrown into a self-proclaimed dog fight, Indian sources and media announced that an F-16 jet was shot down by Commander Abhinandan, the captured pilot who went viral all over social media in Pakistan.

Remember him?

Yeah, we all ended up loving him and releasing him so it was pretty much war shrapnel swept under the rug. Until now.

It has been revealed that a recent count of Pakistani planes done by US officials have revealed that no F-16 was shot down by Indian Forces.

Source: Foreign Policy

And that each fighter jet was accounted for, including the one that was allegedly shot down by Abhi. The article went on to speculate that though it genuinely seemed like a direct hit in the eyes of the Air Force at the time, it was, in fact, a miss.

Not only does this mean that Indian Forces have been perhaps misled themselves, but they have also misled the entire nation and the entire world with regards to war hits committed. Indian media has been known for its harsh and often unfiltered coverage of events and when it comes to commentary on Pakistan, lack of ethics and journalistic integrity is off the charts. So obviously, it is a really big hit to India’s ego.

And more than anything, to Pakistanis, it means knowing that the Indian Air Force was unable to shoot down a Pakistani F-16.

And as you can imagine, they have been celebrating since.

Pakistanis are ecstatic at the new information, confirming that our enemy-neighbour was unsuccessful at launching an attack on one of our own planes. An attack that the Indian Air Force was quite proud of.

Source: @pakistandefence Via Facebook

Source: @pakistandefence Via Facebook
Source: @pakistandefence Via Facebook

And to look at both sides of the border, it looks as though Indians on social media seem to be taking the news rather well?


The country is having mixed reactions over the news, including a sense of blame towards Prime Minister Modi.

The thing is, who honestly cares if India never shot down our plane. This information will literally do nothing for anyone at this point. The damage, which was more metaphorical than actual in hindsight, was still done. The US confirming this number now is like that moment in an argument when you think of a good solid comeback but it’s three days later and it won’t make sense now. Tragic, but irrelevant.

That is quite literally the case with this fallen or not fallen F-16. More than anything, this ‘war’ has turned into a game of egos and I can promise you that in this fight, there will never be a winner.

So we can celebrate all we want and we can call out Indians for their misinformation, or we can move on and find a way to fix this shitty mess of affairs.

Have you seen the news? What do you think about the count of F-16s? Let us know in the comments below.

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Cover photo source: Foreign Policy/

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