These Denim Panties Called “Janties” Are Apparently A Thing Now, And It's Time To Leave This Planet

By Arslan Athar | 5 Apr, 2019

The world of fashion has its ups and down. Sometimes it makes you gasp with awe, and other times it makes you gasp in horror.

Here are some examples of the latter:

Clear pants are available for retail.



4 foot long sleeves on a denim jacket were also a thing. 

Source: Safiya Nygaard / Youtube


Or these horrendous khussa jogger crossover.


Adding to this list of horrible fashion crossovers is the denim pantie- the ‘jantie’.

Yup, it is called a jantie. Ugh, naam parhtay saath hi ulti aati hai. 

Source: VIRGILE/ Getty Images


A Parisian company called “Y/ Project” launched the ‘Jantie’ and is priced at..wait for it.. $300.

Source: @yproject_official / Instagram



Source: @yproject_official / Instagram


Y/ Project is a brand that is known for its eccentric designs and concepts. 

Source: @yproject_official / Instagram


The ‘Jantie’ is not their first venture into the weird part of fashion. 

Source: @yproject_official / Instagram


Also, just by the way, even if you were slightly interested in buying this abomination, you sadly cannot since they’re sold out.

People online had a lot of questions. 


While some said ‘WHAT’, others were intrigued. 


Important comparisons were made.


Many had hoped this was an April Fools Day prank. 


Some people had their ‘why am I on this planet’ moment. 


Others were figuring out how to save their $300.


This person was just praying that she doesn’t have to see a pair in the flesh.


Even Youtuber, Safiya Nygaard, commented on the ‘invention’. 

She’s known for trying out whacky fashion inventions, and we’re all pretty sure she’ll be sporting the jantie soon.


It seems like big fashion brands are making a conscious effort towards making really shocking pieces of clothing. It most definitely looks like a marketing gimmick because EVERYONE on the internet talks about them. You’ve got to admit, it’s a smart ass move.

So, who’s trying out the ‘jantie’?

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Cover Photo Courtesy: Getty Images and @yproject_official / Instagram

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