Modi Just Went On A Weird Rant After His Badmaashi Backfired And Even Indians Are Trolling Him

By Noor | 2 Mar, 2019

Though gradually but finally the tensions between Indo-Pak have begun to defuse. People worldwide are appreciating the Khan’s move regarding the release of the Indian pilot and the Indians can’t hold back and have started to criticize Modi for his recent behavior.


Indians have accused the BJP government of using the armed forces for its political gains


People in India have asserted that Modi’s government is undermining the regional peace for votes in the upcoming elections


The severity of the situation compelled Modi to respond to the ongoing situation in which Indians urged the current PM to go away

In his tweet, Modi stated that a few parties have started hating India due to their mutual hate towards Modi. He also said that the mentioned faction is suspecting the moves of the Indian armed forces and its war against terror.

To make matters worse (or better, depending on which side of the Wagha you live on, lol) even BJP leaders have stated that the air strikes will help them to earn more seats 


Well, this led to the Indians wondering if their government aimed to wage a war JUST for the political gains


BJP faced a serious backlash over its stance regarding the air strikes and the escalating tensions between Pak-India


They said that they were proud of their soldiers but they knew exactly ‘how’ Modi was morphing the situation to attain political support


Indians didn’t seem to agree with Modi and clearly stated that their hate for Modi cannot serve as the parameter to evaluate their love for the country


People advocated for a dichotomy between politics and military affairs and said that they supported armed forces but didn’t want to support Modi


A few clearly said that Modi didn’t respond when his statement was most needed by the nation. They even accused him of working for the political party and NOT for the nation.


People on the social media felt that Modi was trying to use the tool of nationalism to respond to the criticism


They even said that Modi’s version of nationalism will eventually let the destruction and violence to engulf the South Asian region


A few mocked his statement by considering it as a few ‘tasteless remarks’

Despite the clarification by Narendra Modi, The Indians don’t really seem to agree with him. The current Prime minister of India faced a serious backlash over his actions in reference to Indo-Pak tensions. He’s still being questioned about his political moves and their underlying aims.


Indians Are Lashing Out At Modi For His Recent Behavior And Thanking Imran Khan Instead


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