Indians Are Lashing Out At Modi For His Recent Behavior And Thanking Imran Khan Instead

By Biya Haq | 1 Mar, 2019

Okay now, this is huge.


Indian Wing Commander Abhinandan will cross across Wagah border to go to his home country after being in Pakistan’s custody.

Wing Commander Abhinandan’s fighter jet was shot down after the Indian Air Force invaded Pakistani Air Space illegally. Once taken in by pilots in the Pakistani Air Force, Wing Commander Abhi was treated with nothing but respect and hospitality.


Videos of him drinking tea with our officers after his capture went viral and people couldn’t stop praising our forces for treating him with dignity

However, after invitations to Modi to deescalate the situation through conversation were declined more than once, Prime Minister Imran Khan decided to return Commander Abhi to his home country as a peace gesture from Pakistan.

This was a huge step for Pakistan and an obvious olive branch towards India after all the events taking place after the initial unrest in Pulwama.


Since the decision was made, Indians all over social media have been turning against Narendra Modi, for his behavior with Imran Khan during this time.

Indians all over the world have been condemning the Prime Minister for using the people of the nation as a pawn in his games to further his own political agenda.

Reports of Modi having knowledge of the Pulwama attack before it even took place have been circulating in the Indian media as well as the unpopular opinion of him because of his refusal of entering peace talks with Imran Khan.


And in a historic move, Indians all over the world are thanking Imran Khan, instead.


People in India have been thanking Imran Khan for the return of Wing Commander Abhinandan and for remaining calm and composed throughout this entire ordeal.

This is something we can all say that India nor Pakistan saw coming.


A nation is nothing without its people and a leader is no one without the vote of those people. I can’t speak for the citizens of India, but what I can say is that Imran Khan, as a leader, was very impressive throughout this entire period of unrest.

Now I am not a hardcore Imran Khan fan and I have no real allegiances to any political parties in Pakistan but from what I saw in the actions of our Prime Minister is not something we have seen in the rest of our leaders.

Modi was acting on the way to further his own political ladder without thinking twice about the people and Pilots risking their lives for him. If I was on the other side of the border, I would be thanking Imran Khan too.

Let’s hope that when Commander Abhinandan walks across that border, he will do so with his head held high, his heart full and most importantly, a message of Pakistan’s peace towards India.

Have you seen what people are saying on Twitter? Let us know in the comments below. Love you.


Imran Khan Just Announced That The Indian Wing Commander Abhinandan Will Be Released Tomorrow

Everyone Loves How Indian Wing Commander Abhinandan Is Being Treated With Dignity By Pakistani Army


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