Shaan Is Lashing Out At Preity Zinta For Her Comments On Peace, And Can Someone Take His Phone Away

By Arslan Athar | 1 Mar, 2019

In the past few days, Bollywood celebrities have given shocking statements regarding the tensions between Pakistan and India. However, it seems like Indian actors are changing their stance after Imran Khan announced to release the Indian pilot, Abhinandan, unconditionally.



Preity Zinta also tweeted out for peace. 

No matter what someone says in the past, it is almost good to see them take a step in the right direction. Good on you Preity, you couldn’t have said it better.


People applauded her for her statement. 


Most were glad that an Indian celebrity was talking about peace, after a while.


Of course, there were some that were just pissed!


All that to ONE side, there’s one comment that’s got us shaking our heads.

Shaan Shahid responded and decided this was a good time to really stick it to her. Shaan, this is not a time for point scoring or proving who is better than who- let’s all take a breath and wait for things to deescalate.


That being said, I still have one question Shaan, WHY?

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Thankfully, there were some Pakistanis who called him out on his response. 


While also apologizing to Preity for Shaan’s words.


Some just gave the actor a shut up call.


‘Maintain your grace’- hopefully, this is a lesson Shaan adheres to.


The past few days were tense, incredibly tense. Tensions definitely reached a boiling point, and celebrities instigating hate was definitely NOT helping the situation. As said before, this isn’t the time to call out actors for their statements on peace, let’s leave what they said behind, as long as they’re saying the right thing right now.

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